The Time has Come, the Time is Now!

Valor MMA opens its doors this week in Middletown, Delaware!

I’ve already told you about the unparalleled skill level of its chief instructor in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, the Filipino art of Pekiti-Tirsia Dumpag, the combat effective fighting method of the Survival Fighting Axiom (SFA), and the ever popular MMA sports fighting that UFC fans love. I’ve told you of his unyielding dedication in guiding each student to a path of greatness and his earnest desire to serve them. I have not, however, told you the entire story.

You see, he cares so much for the safety of his students and the quality of their technique, that he does not let just anyone assist him. He carefully selects trusted friends and family to aid in the welfare and instruction of his most valued asset: You, the student. These are not mere employees, but people intrinsically invested in the success of the school and each and every student that passes through its doors. I have watched this sense of service and dedication get passed on to and grow, almost tangibly, among the students themselves. In many ways, it reminds me of a family or a community as it should be, in which each person looks out for everyone else.

My name is Michael Bailey, and I invite you all to come experience this sense of community and join the martial arts family that is Valor MMA. Call us at 302-743-3115 or come to our new location in the Summit Shopping Center south of the Summit Bridge just past the Middletown Airport on 896. We are excited to serve you!