Dauntless MMA 3-0 Amateur Fighter Dustin Alexander

Dustin Alexander has returned to Dauntless MMA to resume his MMA Training. Dustin has a record of 3-0 fighting 1 fight in Delaware and 2 fights in Virginia where they have full sanction rules for Amatuer MMA Fighters.

Full sanction rules basically means REAL MMA, not this sissy, watered down stuff the Democratic politicians try to force on us in NJ, PA and DE. The Amateur rules are so bad in Delaware they do not allow any Elbows and make Amateur fighters where shin pads. ABSOLUTELY ABSURD, anyone who has really done MMA at a proper MMA Academy knows that Shin Guards are completely un-needed and only written into rules by regulators who clearly have never done MMA nor are qualified to regulate it.

Elbows are also a big part of MMA and it is dangerous to eliminate them from Amateur bouts as fighters begin to think they are better than they are and they sometimes get a sense of false security to take chances that they otherwise would not if they had been sparring with elbows all along. Futhermore outlawing elbows is highly discriminatory to the Filipino and Thai arts in which the use of Elbows are an essential element.

That being said Dustin Alexander has certainly become a much better fighter having faught in Virginia with proper MMA rules allowing elbows, ground and pound and all else. We look forward to his return to Dauntless MMA and know that he will be on his way to a promising professional MMA Career if he so chooses.

Allen J. Sachetti

Delaware’s Newest MMA Star Angelo Richardson

Angelo Richardson of Dauntless MMA in Smyrna Delaware made his MMA debut on Saturday night in Winchester VA at the Revolution Fight Series #1. Angelo has been training in MMA just over a year at Dauntless and he did not choose an easy fight.

Angelo took a fight with a seasoned MMA Figther Sameh El Rameh of Evolve MMA in VA who had already 2 MMA Fights. Despite this Angleo did very well with Sameh and dominated the 2nd Round with a number of strikes, getting a take down and then decimating Sameh against the cage with some devastating Dumpag Elbows. He hit him 3 times with these elbows and it looked like Sameh would be going out but the BELL RANG and saved him.

The 3rd round Sameh regained his composure and was much more evasive, he attempted a Guilotine on Angelo which he escaped and at the end the fight Angelo attempted a take down which led into a very flowing armlock attempt and then the Bell Rang.

So at the end of the fight the decision went to Sameh but I cannot say as Angelo’s teacher that I am dissappointed. No to the contrary I saw glimmers of excellence in Angelo and I see a very great MMA Fighter coming out of this young man in the near future and beyond. Mark my words and remember this article Angelo Richardson of Dauntless MMA in Delaware will be a UFC Champion.

Allen J. Sachetti

BJJ & MMA To Come To Middletown Delaware

Dauntless Martial Arts Delaware’s Premier BJJ & MMA Training Center is now discussing with different landlords to open a New Location in Middletown Delaware. They would be bringing their National Champion Gi & No Gi Grappling Team as well as their World Class MMA Team. Classes would be for both adults and kids morning and evening.

If you live in Middletown Delaware and you are looking for a good MMA / BJJ school to come there please hit reply to this article and leave your name and tel to passed onto Dauntless so someone from there can contact you.

In the mean time check out www.fightdrive.com



If You Are Going To Fight In MMA Should You First Learn BJJ With A Gi On?

This questions comes up a lot. The answer is that in MMA you see 3 major disciplines being required to excel. Stand Up Attack & Counter Offense, Clinching Wrestling, Striking & Take Downs and the Ground BJJ, Striking & Submissions.

To get good, I mean really good at BJJ on the ground for all positions top and bottom, controling or escaping, then you need to learn BJJ with a Gi on. People who come in BJJ without a Gi have a much looser, slopier game and they NEVER develop some technqiues.

For example Posture in the Guard. If you train the Guard always without a Gi you can get away with a lot more and never develop the kind of technique you need to fight it with a Gi on. If you train in the BJJ Guard with a Gi on, RIGHT AWAY Posture takes on a new meaning as people are grabbing your collar. In fact the collar is like a rope around your neck. When your opponent grabs both lapels he can generate a lot of force to pull you down.

This can only be countered by developing really proper BJJ Posture by sitting in base, getting your back up straight under your neck and then learning to move from there without compromising what you have worked so hard to obtain.

So how does that transfer to MMA, well first of all when you are in the Guard you have a much sounder platform to strike from, then you are very hard to be swept, pulled down or submitted. You also become very hard to hit because your posture is so good and now you are more threatening to able not only to strike him but also pass his guard and get the cross body where you can really deliver damage.

Bottom line wearing a Gi makes wrestling much harder and gives more submissions. This is the only reason people avoid it, because it’s harder. Some people are just lazy and do not want to take the time to learn with a Gi on or it can be that once the Gi is on they figure out too that they really are not that good. This of course is idiocy, you never get better by avoiding a challenge.

That being said once you have spent the time to put a Gi on and properly learn ALL positions and facets of BJJ you are incredibly strong now to be taught the MMA ground game. In fact you have a distinct advantage from fighters who did not learn with a Gi on.

– Allen J. Sachetti


Dauntless Martial Arts is now offering a full 30 Days of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA Classes for all people in Delaware to come and try. Dauntless offers World Class BJJ certified by Rickson Gracie by giving you perhaps the best curriculum for learning BJJ in proper progression without anything being held back.

The MMA Course at Dauntless breeds excellence in Stand Up, Clinchwork and The Ground. So take advantage of this 30 Days and come into Smyrna and after 30 days I think you will find out that there is no better school in Delaware and very few Instructors of the Skill Level and Work Ethic of Mr. Sachetti. Amazing classes.

Delaware’s Newest MMA Fighters Compete On Jan. 19th In VA

It is my great honor to announce that Delaware’s newest MMA Fighters Angelo Richardson and Ryan Sebastian from Dauntless MMA in Smyrna Delaware after MUCH HARD WORK will be competing on Jan. 19, 2013 in Wincehster VA. at the Revolution Fight Series #1.

UFC Fighgter Dennace The Mennace Bermudez will be there as a special Guest and I know Angelo and Ryan will be bringing something very special to the event. These men have been trained by Dauntless MMA Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti in not only the Striking and Grappling that we are used to seeing in the UFC and other MMA events but they also know Mr. Sachetti’s Unique “COUNTER OFFENSE”

Ok what is that? Well all fighers in MMA know how to attack with strikes, clinches or shoots but Counter Offense is something different. It is a very unique ability in a fighter to immediately react against an incoming Attack to literally “Attack The Attack”. You have to see it, so I hope all of you on the Blog will make the fights on Jan. 19th In Winchester VA. Check on the Dauntless MMA facebook page for the Hotel and Link to the Fights.

MMA Coming To Middletown Delaware

Dauntless MMA is looking into opening another location for MMA in Middletown, Delaware. So if you are from Middletown and you would like to have excellent MMA Instruction in your town please reply to this blog and let us know.

Dauntless MMA has produced the most MMA Fighters in Delaware with the Most Wins and it has an amazing Chief Instructor and Curriculum. Sensei Allen J. Sachetti is a Black Belt 1st Degree in BJJ Certified by Rickson Gracie & Luiz Palhare, He is also a Mandala In the Art of Pekiti-Tirsia Weapons & Dumpag directly under Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje. In addition Mr. Sachetti is quite accomplished in Boxing, Muay Thai, Greco Roman Wrestling & Free Style Wrestling.

Beyond this though the real Value that Mr. Sachetti brings to Dauntless MMA is his creation of the unique Dauntless MMA Curriculum. This is not a school where you go learn boxing, learn BJJ, learn wrestling and then try to link it together yourself. NO SIR, Mr. Sachetti has already done the work for you, he has a remarkable system of Stand Up, Clinchwork and Ground where everything is linked together so that you do the right thing at the right moment of the attack.

If you should strike you strike, if you should clinch you clinch, if you need to counter the shoot then you counter it. He leaves no holes in your game, just take a look at Dauntless MMA on you tube.

Oh, thats the other thing. Most fighters today in MMA if you watch UFC, amateur or whatever all do the same thing, they attack, evade or cover. That’s it, whether the attack is a strike, clinch or shootif they miss it or don’t get the disired result they then try to evade or cover when their opponent counter attacks.

Well Mr. Sachetti has something even better – COUNTER OFFENSE!! What is that? It ATTACKS THE ATTACK AND IT WORKS!! Damn I could not believe how well it works to destroy any strike, clinch or shoot I tried to do and I should know I am getting ready for my first fight in January.

So reply now if you want the best MMA in Delaware to come to MIddletown and let Dauntless know.

Why Did Junior Loose To Cain Last Saturday In The UFC?

If you watched the Heavy Weight UFC Championship Fight last Saturday closely you will see that after a nice Jab, Cross combo delivered by Cain to Junior and a furious beating on the ground that Junior was able to get up and continue fighting on for the rest of the rounds.

Certainly as a credit and testimony to Juniors heart I must mention that his resolve was good, but his technique was severly lacking.

Junior lost for one reason and one reason only, he insisted on what he wanted and refused to see what was being given. After the first round the fight proceeded to begin the same way each time the 2 men came to face each other.

Junior tried to walk up to Cain completely oblivious to what he was doing and just insist on trying to hit him in the head with his right overhand (his big punch). Junior would approach ignoring any thing Cain was doing just trying to focus on his head and Cain knew it.

Cain on the other hand recognized clearly that the Right overhand was Juniors main weapon and perhpas even more importantly the range that he needed to land it. So each time they approached Cain would deny Junior that range, he would stay just outside of it and FIRE his jab right at Juniors head and then bend over for a shoot on his lead leg.

Cain continuously hit Junior with that Jab throughout the fight easily because Junior was primarily focused ONLY on where he wanted Cain’s head to be. Watching the fight I could see in Juniors eyes as each time he approached Cain he would see that sweet spot if only Cain’s head would linger there for a moment!!

The problem was CAIN KNEW THAT SPOT TOO and he was damn sure not going to put his head in that place for Junior. So knowing Juniors range (having been hit with it before) and where he wanted his head to be he kept making sure HE NEVER PUT IT THERE.

Junior on the other hand now became easy to fight beause he could see where he was focusing and instead of going there he would simply Jab him before he got close enough to throw his overhand. I must admit I am upset with Junior’s coach because I saw him training Junior to do this in the locker room. YOU CANNOT IGNORE THE JAB and you cannot take repeated hits to your head, in the same place, the same way for 5 rounds. That is idiocy,

Competent good boxers recognize this and find ways to deal with the Jab. Most of them try to slip and move it but I must admit I have a better way. Spenidng much of my life in Dumpag and Pekiti-Tirsia I KNOW I have learned a better. I thank God for this and Pray now for the opportunity for myself and my fighters to reach the right people that will allow us to compete in the larger events so we indeed show a better way.