Compare Dauntless BJJ & MMA To Delaware Combat Sports

Tonight I just had yet another student come in and SIGN UP at Dauntless after he had gone to Delaware Combat Sports across the street. I am not going to name him, but if you come in you will sure meet him.

This student told me that he went to Delaware Combat Sports first and then came to Dauntless to try our BJJ & MMA. Well he told me straight the training at Delaware Combat Sports was NOT good, he said the Instructor only showed the moves a few times and then pretty much left you on your own.

In contrast this student told me that his class at Dauntless tonight was EXCELLENT, he told me that the Skill Level he saw was much higher and he really got a lot of time spent on him to “break things down step by step” so that he could learn all the details he needed to make the move work for himself.

This is true. At Dauntless you will get much better instruction than Delaware Combat Sports. Mr. Sachetti’s Skill Level, Sensitivity and Performance are excellent and he spends a lot of time to ACTUALLY TEACH YOU.

Mr. Sachetti MAKES YOU GOOD, he has a “Curriculum” for both Fundemental and then Intermediate students. For the Fundemental he goes over Stand Up, Mout, Guard, Cross Body and Back both Offense & Counter Offense for each position with a lot of details that most teachers simply don’t know.

The number of amazing masters that he trained with and the length of time that he has been doing it make Mr. Sachetti truly a very unique resource. Take a look at his student “Angelo” who has only been there a 1 1/2 Years, this guy flows like a guy of 5 years, he is Blue Belt 4 Stripes but I tell you this man is a Purple Belt. It is amazing how good he is after only being with Mr. Sachetti for 1 1/2 years.

So come in and try Dauntless BJJ & MMA Tuesday or Thursday at 7:00 PM. Mr Sachetti not only does a better job but he will BEAT any price for a Basic Course. You can’t loose!!

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Allen Sachetti Teaches A Uniquely Effecitve MMA Stand Up, Clinch Work and Ground At Dauntless Martial Arts

Many have asked how I teach MMA at Dauntless Martial Arts in Delaware so I decided to take some time and explain my curriculum and training methods for MMA fighters. I divide MMA into 3 Areas of Study Stand Up, Clinchwork & The Ground as I build up a Fighters Instinct, Skill Level and Fitness to perform well rounded with expertise in each area.

In the Stand Up you can face fighters who are Mad Brawlers (kind of strking at you crazy with all their force), Proper Strikers (more skilled and strategic but it’s clear they want to keep the fight up), Strikers to Clinch (these guys hit to try and get a hold of you), Shooters (who level change and drive at you from the beginning) and others.

To deal with these I start with what I call “Figher Alert”. This is a posture where your hands are up and knees are bent, your spine is straight and you maintain range and timing by moving on the balls of your feet always in base. If your opponent shoots you are able to “Kick Out” and shut it down, if there is a Proper Striker you are relaxed and flowing to hit him and make him miss. When strikes come in you immediately evade or destroy whats incomming. Likewise you destroy the clich on every attempt so that you can maintain control of the fight and dictate where it goes.

My Stand Up started with Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, KFM and Filipino Dumpag but all of these things worked together to create what I have today. A relaxed, free flowing movement that can deliver direct or indirect strikes at multiple levels and different angles. In addition to this I also have developed a very unique counter offense.

My fighters are not limited to evassion only and they do NOT block strikes. We have something different and it is called “Destructions”. These techniques allow me to “Attack The Attack” as they come in. This ability has not yet been seen in the UFC.

Clinchwork is much more than the Clinch. For me it is a series of grips and engergies that I use with Compression Strikes to throw, submit or capitalize in other ways. From Greco Roman Wrestling I developed a number of very tight holds, grips and clinches from which I feel and control my opponent to always take him off balance and counter his attempts to attack mine from which I can execute a valume of takedowns and throws. From BJJ what I got was “Adhesion”, one thing I got from Rickson Gracie was this way of achieving this very tight, enveloping clinch that moves around the person always draining and dragging him. As well as throws BJJ uses the clinch to drag and pull the man into the Guard.

This is the beginning but from Dumpag I get so much more. Filipino Dumpag is a unique blend of striking and grappling. One thing about BJJ, Judo and Wrestling is that is really no striking but all grappling. Boxing and Muay Thai strike but only from the outter range. Dumpag not only adheres in the clinch but delivers very unique elbows, knees and other strikes that create engergies that lead into unique takedowns. Dumpag lives in the clinch and does very well there.

On the Ground of course a lifetime of BJJ has given me a very strong foundation. For MMA Ground we divide the game between the top and bottom. On the top we DESTROY and PASS the Guard or Half Guard to dominate the Cross Body in a very unique way delivering a different kind of Ground & Pound leading into submissions.

On the Ground Bottom we SEIZE THE GUARD and deliver punishment and attrition to the poor fellow who falls into it. We shut down his Ground & Pound and take submissions, reversals, the back or come outs to capitalize.

Well guys that is some of my thoughts on how we train MMA. I must also say that a fighter must train consistent in order for me to make certain his Instincts for each attack develop properly, then create the endurance and skill level he must have in order to excel in the cage.

Come in and see me at Dauntless Tue or Thrs at 7:00 PM to try 2 back to back 90 Minute classes. The first 90 Mins is Ground and the second is Stand Up & Clinchwork.

I also want to thank God for the recent explosion of new students!!

– Allen J. Sachetti

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