The Time has Come, the Time is Now!

Valor MMA opens its doors this week in Middletown, Delaware!

I’ve already told you about the unparalleled skill level of its chief instructor in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, the Filipino art of Pekiti-Tirsia Dumpag, the combat effective fighting method of the Survival Fighting Axiom (SFA), and the ever popular MMA sports fighting that UFC fans love. I’ve told you of his unyielding dedication in guiding each student to a path of greatness and his earnest desire to serve them. I have not, however, told you the entire story.

You see, he cares so much for the safety of his students and the quality of their technique, that he does not let just anyone assist him. He carefully selects trusted friends and family to aid in the welfare and instruction of his most valued asset: You, the student. These are not mere employees, but people intrinsically invested in the success of the school and each and every student that passes through its doors. I have watched this sense of service and dedication get passed on to and grow, almost tangibly, among the students themselves. In many ways, it reminds me of a family or a community as it should be, in which each person looks out for everyone else.

My name is Michael Bailey, and I invite you all to come experience this sense of community and join the martial arts family that is Valor MMA. Call us at 302-743-3115 or come to our new location in the Summit Shopping Center south of the Summit Bridge just past the Middletown Airport on 896. We are excited to serve you!

The Essence Of Striking For MMA

In Striking you must immediately Feel, Sense, Know when there is an opening, attack or misdirection. Openings must be captialize on to deliver blows with Speed, Power, Accuracy, Precision and Timing all in one.

Attacks coming at you must immediately be countered by Intercepting (Beating them to the punch) Evasion and Counter Striking OR Destruction (Dumpag) into Follow Up. Being able to Feel and KNOW as you are looking for openings to strike that an attack is now coming in and WHERE is essential.

I love developing this Skill and I must say it can improve with age. Sensitivity is one of those rare attributes that actually increases as you get older. I love sparring with my students for hours and hours sometimes, the process gets more relaxing once you know what you are doing. As we begin the fight I can move to attack but also quickly pick up on his strikes, clinches or shoots.

This is the highest skill for MMA Stand Up. To have a uniform ability for both Attack and Counter simotaniously exist as you flow in the fight. Countering not only strikes but also clinches and shoots immediately as they are iniated without pause or thought to destroy these grappling attempts before they happen.

– Allen J. Sachetti

Allen J. Sachetti has produced the most MMA fighters in Delaware with the most wins and now he is available for private and group classes at Valor Martial Arts in Middletown, Delaware. This New MMA School has just opened south of the MIddletown Airport on Rt. 896 in the Summit Shopping Center right next store to the Japanese Restaraunt.

Give Mr. Sachetti a call at 302-743-3115 if you are interested in Serious MMA Training.

The Essence Of BJJ

In BJJ / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu whether you have a stand up linking or a ground position you must IMMEDIATELY FEEL, SENSE And KNOW the Absolute Best Thing (techique, adjustment, counter or movment) to do in response to your opponents specific engergy, movement or opening.

Then as you do it if he (your opponent) changes you must immediately react to perform the Absolute Best Thing  (techique, adjustment, counter or movment) for that new energy continuing the process of Feeling, Flow And Action until you EXECUTE a escape, pass, submission or move to Success.

– Allen J. Sachetti

Sensei Alllen J. Sachetti is a 1st Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu certified by Rickson Gracie, Royler Gracie and Luiz Palhares. He has had the forturne to aslo roll with some of the best in the world in Brazil and the US like Renato Migliaccio from Gracie Barra and numerous others.

After a lifetime of pursuing excellence in BJJ Sensei Sachetti is now available to teach BJJ, MMA and Pekiti-Tirsia private and group classes in Middletown, Delaware. Valor Martial Arts opens up June 1st in the Summit Shopping Center on Rt. 896 just down from the MIddletown Airport. Give him a call at 302-743-3115 for more training information.

Comentary On UFC 160 Dos Santos – Hunt Was GREAT, Velasquez – Silva Was A Terrible Disappointment

Last nights UFC 160  had some of the best and some the worst MMA Fights I have ever seen.Certainly KJ Noons demonstrated that keeping your hands down formost of the fight is a very  unproductive practice. KJ had a lot of heart and was tough for sure but Donald Cerrone just laid waste to him in the stand up. KJ occasionally got some strikes back on him but they were always thrown from the Hip as his hands were mostly down. This allowed Donald Cerrone to see them coming from a lot further out and evade them in many exchanges. On the Ground Cerrone really dominated again proving that people do not win fights just because they are tough but because their technique is right for each situation.

The Fight between Junior Dos Santos and Mark Hunt was spectacular! Both were swinging for the fences and each had the power to finish the other. Early in Round 1 Junior landed an Overhand that sent Mark Hunt to the ground, but he quickly got up. Hunt delivered also several crushing left hooks that staggered Junior several times.

This was going to be a fight of “Range & Timing” where both delivered damage to the other but clearly Juniors size and reach gave him an advantage. In many exchanges Mark through some  bombs that just whizzed past juniors head. Hunt’s arms were just a bit shorter and he had trouble reaching Junior with many shots.

Then Junior starting employing some jabs to great effect that stunned Mark on several occasions and set up his power punches. As the rounds progressed it was clear that technique and strategy together with speed and power would be winning this fight.

To Juniors credit when Mark staggered him with a great left hook in the second round he shot in and took him down. Playing the game right he then dominated on the ground until the bell rang. In the Third Round Junior continued with sound strategy but Mark never gave up landing and threatening as much as he could until a  left, a jab and then spinning back kick put Mark on the mat for Junior to finish him with a ground shot.

All in all one of the best fights I have seen, but also very clear to see that best strikers in the UFC today rely most on evasion to deal with incoming strikes and if they cannot get out of the way, wll then they get hit. The ability from Dumpag to use Destructions against incoming blows would have certainly helped many of the fighters on this night. It is my work now to train more of our guys to distinguish themselves to go pro with this ability.

Regarding the Velasquez / Silva fight, well I can say I have never been more disappointed. Silva had all of the tools he needed to beat Velasquez but he came out with such an air of timidity. Silva did stop several take down attempts but when it came to the striking he just sat there, DESPITE A 5 INCH REACH ADVANTAGE. Oh I screamed for someone to get this man a good boxing instructor. If he simply used his long arm he could have really hammered Velasquez but he just sat there with his guard up WITHOUT any head movement.

Well an easy target for Velasquez and this fight certainly demonstrated how you cannot go into an MMA competition without having all 3 disciplines trained PROPERLY and I do mean properly. A good boxing coach could have made Silva much more aggressive and at least threatening in the stand up, especially with a 5 inch advantage.

Velasquez tagged him, Silva went down but he continued for his legs. Silva delivered a few more shots from the Turtle top but then the Ref jumped in for one of the Worst stoppages I have ever seen. Silva was still fighting and moving, it was just stupid and very disappointing. After the stoppage Silva jumped right up and was clearly ready for more, it was really a bad stoppage.

Well that’s my 2 cents for the fights last night, see you guys on the mat this week.

– Allen J. Sachetti

Who Is The Best MMA Instructor In Delaware For You?

People who try to open MMA schools by advertising “how great they are” usually do so by having their web sites primarily focus on their past accomplishments and all the things they have done.

Now while I believe certainly that an Instructors Accomplishments are important, but tournaments are not always a true determiner of ones Skill Level and they NEVER are a determiner of HOW GOOD OF A TEACHER HE IS or How HARD he will work on making you GREAT.

Tournaments can be won by sand bagging (fighting in a divison that is lower than your level), by stalling when you are ahead on points or fighting in a very small “old man” division that has maybe only 3 or 4 competitors and then call yourself a World Champion.

True Skill Level And Teaching Performance can only be seen by you visiting the school and trying out the teacher for yourself. It is sad to say but there are schools out there that exist only for the Teacher and his small inner circle and then there are schools that truly exist for all of the students that come there.

So the Best MMA Instructor for You In Delaware quite simply is the one with the Highest Skill Level And Technique Base WHO IS WILLING and makes the effort to WORK  the HARDEST ON YOU!!

Mr. Allen J. Sachetti has produced the most BJJ Belts in Delaware, the most MMA Fighters in Delware WITH THE MOST WINS and he is Highly in demand by numerous Elite Military Special Forces like Navy Seals, Force Recon Marines, Army Green Berets, Police Special Tactic Units and Private Security all over the globe for Pekiti-Tirsia and the Survival Fighting Axiom.

He has achieved this quite simply because his Skill Leve is great and the Effort that he exercises in SERVING others far exceeds most teachers. Mr. Sachetti once told me that his life changed after he read the scripture about Jesus washing the Feet of His Apostles and he realized that he was the servant of his students.

It really comes across. When you train with Mr. Sachetti you see a man who deeply looks into all aspects of your game, your athletic needs, your true understanding of material and every detail of your technqiue. How you move, how your react and and how your execute over and over again until he gets YOU RIGHT.

Mr. Sachetti is a true teacher and if you want to get good go to him. THIS MAN MAKES THE EFFORT TO MAKE YOU GREAT!!


June 1st, 2013 In The Summit Shopping Center On Rt. 896 In Middletown, Delaware VALOR MMA Opens. With over 20 Years of MMA Experience, A 1st Degree Black Belt In BJJ Certified By Rickson Gracie And Luiz Palhares, A Mandala In Pekiti-Tirsia Dumpag and Avid Boxer, Thai Boxer & Wrestler Mr. Allen J. Sachetti offers students unparalled excellence in training for MMA.

Valor MMA truly will be an elite training experience for a select few. Mr. Sachetti is a craftsman who takes his time to make sure a student truly develops a proper ability before he moves on. This is why he has produced the most MMA fighters in Delaware with the most wins.

His Curriculum is comprehensive for Stand Up, Clinch Work and Ground developing in you Precise Instincts, Amazing Skill Level and Tremendnous Endurance, Speed, Timing & Strength. I should know I am Mike Bailey and I have been training with Mr. Sachetti for over 2 years. I am on path now to excellence in MMA and Mr. Sachetti is uncompromising in his dedication to teaching me and all of his students.

So on June 1st this new school opens giving a tremendous opportunity to the people of Middletown and Newark. Summit Shopping Center is very close to the Summit Bridge so if you are coming from Newark it is easy to find. Just go over the Summit Bridge and see the Middletown Airport on the right, the Shopping Center is right after that.

If you are coming from Middletown or Futher South just take Rt. 1 to the Boyds Corner Rd. Exit, then take Boyds Corner Road straight to 896 then make a left and see Summit Shopping Center on your left. If you come from Middletown Just take take 896 North and you will see Valor up on your right hand side.

If you need directions just call 302-743-3115

The Art Of Dumpag In MMA

What is Filipino Dumpag? Well Dumpag not to be confused with Dumog comes from the Pekiti-Tirsia and was taught by Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje to Mandala Allen J. Sachetti who is one for the formost authorities alive today on Dumpag and one of the few Dumpaguerros in the US.

Dumpag comes from 2 words Dumog and Pangamut, which were different empty hand fighting arts from the Visayan region of the Philippines. Dumog concentrated on more lower body technqiues, ground, strikes and destructions while Pangamut was more upper body techniques, strikes, destructions and finishers.

Both were developed by Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje of Pekiti-Tirsia and taught to his senior student Mandala Allen J. Sachetti. Now while most people know Pekiti-Tirsia for it’s weapons and many students train with Grand Tuhon mostly for that, Allen Sachetti avidly trained in both the Weaponry and Dumpag.

In fact Mandala Sachetti believes that one must train in the weaponry well in order to have true ability in Dumpag. He works out with 36″ Riot Batons at all angles with fluid & broken energies to really develop his Slaps, Hacks & Elbows. His legs and kicks are developed too by the intense footwork and drills.

For MMA Manadala Sachetti has developed a amazing effective ability for both Offense and Counter Offense. In MMA today we see mainly only Offense vs Offense where MMA Fighters basically try to attack or evade.

If they strike, shoot or clinch it is all an attack, as they try to do their’s they also try to evade their opponents attacks of the same (strike, shoot or clinch). This goes back and forth with one fighter hoping to out attack the other.

Dumag allows you to attack but also in addition to evading your opponents attacks it allows you to DESTROY THEM. Many of been skeptical of this but I will tell you first hand I have seen Mr. Sachetti fight WORLD CLASS WRESTLERS who were younger, bigger and stronger than him to really not only shut down their shoots but flip them on their backs in a very unique way.

Then with Strikers he has an excellent range and timing. Not only will he attack you but just when you think you can hit him all of the sudden he is destroying you fist, arm or leg and I DO MEAN DESTROYING. Hey man, I SPAR WITH HIM and he rips up my hands, arms and legs I cannot get any thing going on him and then HE STRIKES BACK. Amazing.

No one truly has taken Dumpag ability in the UFC or MMA fights and Mr. Sachetti told me that I really was the first student he ever trained to do it. I was all set to really make a great MMA debut but then I tore a ligament in my arm. NOT FROM MR. S, no I was actually wrestling a 2 time All American Wrestler we have in our school and in great credit to MR. S I actually was able to counter his throw to then throw him but in doing so we hit the ground odd and I tore a ligament in my arm.

So now I am off to surgery BUT I WILL BE BACK – Angelo Richardson