Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, The Way Of Flow

Sensitivity, Technique, Reaction Time

Feeling what your opponent is doing and reading him at a superior level to immediately react to captialize on his energy to turn it on him with a Technique or series of Techniques that he cannot keep up with or counter because I continue to Feel and Flow to change as he tries to change to always stay one step ahead.

This is what I get out of BJJ and I love to empart this to my students. Today at Dauntless we have more higher belts that are better than any of the belts we have produced before because these people simply have spent the most time with me.

We have now developed an Amazing Skill Pool that is larger than any thing we have ever had before. Rolling more and more each night striving to improve our expertise with a group of individuals who are I am very proud to say the most moral, loyal and hard working Jiu-Jitsuists in Delaware.

That is what BJJ is giving me at Dauntless.

A 17 Year Old From Dauntless Steps Up To Compete In The Mens 18-29 No Gi Division At The 2013 Grapplers Quest National Championships

No Father could be more proud and honored of his son. On Saturday July 20th at the Grapplers Quest 2013 National Championships, My Son Joshua Sachetti as well as competing in the Teens Division stepped up and competed in the Men’s No Gi 18-29 Division.

Being his first time at a Grapplers Quest competition my son kind of really tensed up in the Teen Division. He did not warm up or lossen up but he did not do too bad. He fought a kid from a rival school in the No Gi where he was taken down. The kid then just stalled in Josh’s guard where he was aggressive attacking with Shoulder Locks and sweeps. Begin only a 4 min fight time was short and even though he got back up to attempt his own take down he kind of rushed it and fell. His opponent tried a sloppy anaconda choke and fell to his back where Josh immediately took the Cross Body Top!! The kids hands were loose and Josh was in good position, I was just getting excited now for Josh to attack but then time ran out. A very short fight of only 4 mins.

In Gi he fought the same kid who pulled him in the guard and could NOT GET ANYTHING ON JOSH. He tried triangle, armlock and then a tight ooma plato for which Josh did do the escape but then in doing so he came to his back and his opponent took Cross Body to get 2 points and win by points from a Ooma Plato Sweep. Again time ran out.

In retrospect I can say that I did not really train my son for 4 min point matches where people get ahead and then stall. I trained him for long 10-15 min matches where we went until submission. More like Rough Zen. A Rough Zen match at the Grapplers Quest has no time limit where the fight goes only until submission. So it goes on and one but IT IS A MORE REALISTIC FIGHT. These were really good matches.

So of course Josh felt bad for loosing on points in the Teen Division but I explained to him we have always been training for REAL FIGHTS AND NOT SPORT, have not been here in a while and now you are certainly warmed up and know how much time you got in a match.

He said yeah and agreed to STEP UP and fight in the Mens No Gi Division. So he fought 4 times against men who were good Blue Belts (or above I think some) and a lot better than the Teen he faced!!

His first fight was a war but he won, his second fight was even tougher but he came out ahead and won that one. He was now on his way to the finals!!

Then his 3rd fight his OPPONENT DID NOT EVEN SCORE ON HIM. It went back and forth until time ran out but I could tell this fighter had seen Josh fight in the previous 2 fights and he was being careful. Then there was no score at the end, the Ref however gave it to the other guy with a Vantage Point.

JOSH DID EXCELLENT, I thought he had won the fight but the ref gave a vantage point to the other guy so, so what. Josh came back and fought one more time for 3rd place in that division and then we went home very happy.

THE POINT IS – POINT FIGHGTING IS NOT REAL, and it is not a real measure of ones ability. Of course everyone wants to win a Medal, but those who know how to play the game, well make it just that a game about getting points and not real fighting.

Some fathers may insist on the medals before they feel proud of their sons but I saw my son COME BACK THROUGH ADVERSITY, be a gentleman the whole day and fight LIKE A HERO to the end. He was GREAT!! I AM HAPPY!!


See Josh’s fights here:

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The Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti has over 20 years of experience and since 1998 he has produced the most MMA Fighters in Delaware with the most wins. He used to have a school in Newark and Smyrna and now he has combined his efforts to offer MMA Training in Middletown Delaware.