Alexander Gustafsson Versus Jon Jones, Dispelling The Myth Of Jon Jones

Last night we saw Jon Jones for the first time in his Career actually fight someone his same size and Jones got his butt kicked. Clearly Alexander Gustafsson won the the first 3 rounds, the 4th I give slightly to Jones for a barrage at the end but the 5th was close to the favor of Gustafsson.

The Truth is that Jones has never really fought anyone HIS SAME SIZE BEFORE and Gustafsson really cleaned his clock!! You see Jones is just like Brock Lesnar, he has some areas of expertise but he really is NOT the amazingly skilled master the UFC tries to make him out to be. HE IS JUST MUCH BIGGER THAN ANY OF HIS OPPONENTS.

You see Jones  is really a HEAVY WEIGHT who has mostly fought MIDDLE WEIGHTS jumping up to the Light Heavy Weight Class. It’s true Chael Sonnen MIDDLE WEIGHT, Vitor Belfort MIDDLE WEIGHT and even the light Heavy Weights he has fought were much smaller than him in both reach, height and general stature.

Chael Sonnen  certainly has a much higher wrestling pedigree than Alexander Gustafsson yet Jones could NOT take down Gustafsson until he was exhausted in the 4th round. Even so Gustafsson got right back up easily and successfully destroyed 11 takedown attempts from Jones. However when Jones grabbed a hold of Sonnen it looked like a grown man grabbing a child and he quickly took Sonnen off his feet.

For certain Gustafsson is to be credited for his excellent wrestling training but it can also not be discounted that being the same size as Jones also helped him a lot. Alexander did several good things last night displaying an excellent skill level and expertise. He became the first man to take down Jones in the UFC doing so pretty much at will as he also proceeded to land devastating blows to Jones’s head over and over again.

Alexander shut down all but one of Jones’s take down attempts and hit with a number of power shots that were so accurate that he closed one of Jones eyes and pretty much closed the other. He clearly dominated the first 3 rounds and weathered Jones hardest attack in the 4th when he took his spinning elbow full force to the head and just kept coming. THAT DUDE IS TOUGH!!

In the 5th round Alexander continued to get the better of Jones but did show a bit of fatigue as it went one. Personally I feel if he was just a bit more conditioned he could of finished Jones. He clearly was the better striker and able to inflict more damage but he slowed a bit down and left it to the judges who perhaps made the worst, most biased decision in UFC history.

Giving this fight to Jones was absurd. Jones’s face looked like a train wreck and he had to be helped out of cage limping all of the way to the locker room while Gustafsson’s face looked pretty good and he seemed to regain his strength and appear like he could do another round.

One thing is for sure last nights fight showed that Jones is not the technical marvel that the UFC tries to make him out to be. He is just BIG, just like Brock Lesnar, and now as he starts to fight people the same size as him who have a decent Skill Level we will start to see the holes in his game and see him loosing much more often.

In fact having built his career on fighting people who are mostly much smaller than him it is clear that Jones is going to have more trouble when facing people his same size. I would love to see him fight in the Heavy Weight division which by the way is his actual weight. Do you know that Jones has to rehydrate with an IV after he cuts all his water to weigh in?? That is just  cheating.

If Jones wants to get my respect I need to see him fight in the Heavy Weight division. Let me see him fight Cain Velasquez and others in that Division and then we can see if really has skill or not. We have to see him fight people his same size to really see what he’s got.