Dauntless MMA Responds To The Absurd Idiocy Of Delaware Combat Sports

In 2010 Delaware Combat Sports came to Dauntless Martial Arts to complete in 3 live MMA Matches. Their fighters did very poorly and showed a distinct lack of skill level compared to the fighters of Mr. Allen J. Sachetti of Dauntless MMA. The fights are below for you to see.

The answer that Delaware Combat Sports came up with was to make an absurd video trying to insult Mr. Sachetti and explain away why their fighters lost so badly. Their video of course is just stupid and below a Dauntless’s response.

“I hate to tell you this Ronnie, but YOU are NO Rickson Gracie.  Mr. Sachetti has been wrestling and fighting with men who are a hell of a lot better than you in BOTH Wrestling and BJJ for many years. Do You Think Mr. Sachetti Is Too Old, That He Won’t Be Conditioned, Do You Think He Is Worried About Your Favorite Knee Bar From 1/2 Guard? PLEASE, You Are A Fool!! You should stop trying to insult him and Start Acting Appropriate.” – The Men Who Wrestle & Spar With Mr. Sachetti

Below are the 3 fights between Delaware Combat Sports and Dauntless MMA. Judge for yourselves which school makes better fighters. ALL 3 of Delaware Combat Sport’s people LOST and LOST BAD by Knock Out, TKO and Submission.

First Fight Dauntless Vs Delaware Combat Sports / Mr. Sachetti’s Student Of 8 Months


Second Fight Dauntless Vs Delaware Combat Sports / Mr Sachetti’s Student Of 8 Months


Fight 3 Mr. Sachetti’s Student Of Only 4 Months!!


Each win was decisive and distinct. We are sorry that Delaware Combat Sports has deteriorated to name calling and insults instead of training people to fight properly.

We suggest they take a new student who knows nothing NOT  a wrestling champion or someone with experience, but take a new student who knows nothing and have Mr. Sachetti do the same. Then let these 2 students fight on a neutral MMA Card.

Or Delaware Combat Sports could just go away respectful, stop attacking good people and move on with their lives. Mr. Sachetti has chosen to forgive and move on, you should do the same.





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Dauntless Martial Arts is not a 501c so we cannot give anyone a tax write off, but we can assure you that this money will go to the people of Lirpayran and Doong during this horrendous time. I also can tell you that when you sow seed for God in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ that He Will Bless You.

Thank You for all your help during this time.

New Schedule For MMA In Middletown, DE Due To Large Turn Outs

Since Dauntless Martial Arts has moved back to Middletown classes have EXPLODED and we have heard our students. So we are adding now Morning Classes on Tues & Thrs at 10am and 11am now for BJJ and MMA.

In addition we are now adding another MMA Training for Fighters only on Saturdays called “MMA Fight Prep”. Since there are so many now choosing to fight Mr. Sachetti wants to make sure you all have equal time with him.

Also CONGRATULATIONS to another Dauntless MMA Fighter now competing on December 7th at Harrahs Casino in Chest PA. Dustin Alexander of Dauntless with be going up against Victor Alvin of Fight Firm. Mr Sachetti says they are a good school and this will be a tough test, we sure are not going to under estimate them.

To that point every Monday Thru Thursday now Mr. Sachetti will be doing special private sessions with Dustin Alexander from 4pm-6pm in Unit 2 at Dauntless. Students who are of sufficient level are welcome to assist us in training and sparring.

This is going to be a good fight for Dauntless, Diustin and Mr. Sachetti