Chris Weidman Vs Anderson Silva #2 Actually Showed A Dumpag Technique

Everyone is talking now about the terrible break to Anderson Silva’s leg in his last MMA fight against Christ Weidman. Let me also say that I feel bad for Silva and I pray that he truly has the best and quickest recovery. I would have rather seen him only hurt and then submitted or TKOed than what happened.

That being said however the Technique that actually broke Silva’s leg was NOT a check but it was indeed something called a “Destruction” from the art of Dumpag.

What is a destruction? Well a Dumpag Destruction is when you “Attack The Attack”, a Check from Muay Thai is when you recoil and receive the kick on your shin. Now I do not know if Chris Weidman had a Dumpag Instructor or he just developed this technique, but what he did when Silva kickeed was torque his hips and turn his knee into the oncoming kick. Chris’s knee moved into the power arch of Silva’s kick and struck Silva’s shin before his kick could land to it’s target. This is Dumpag.

We do it all the time in our traing not only against Kicks but all kinds of strikes and GRAPPLING ATTEMPTS and let me tell you IT WORKS. The art of attacking the attack comes from Pekiti-Tirsia Dumpag and it was first developed by the Filipinos.

It is perhaps the most functional way of fighting and I am training several fighters now to use this art in MMA. It will nice when the full art is finally seen and recognition is given to it the same as BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling & Boxing for use in MMA.

To see more on Filipino Dumpag check out this link: and

Allen J. Sachetti