A Personal Message To Junior Dos Santos

Junior I love your fights and I have heard your story how you rose from nothing to become World Champion.  I also have watched quite closely you last 2 fights with Cain Velasquez.

You see I have been an MMA Fighter since they called NHB  and an MMA Instructor for the last 20 Years. I earned my Black Belt in BJJ under Rickson Gracie and then Luiz Palhares. I have practice and perfected in depth Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and a very rare art known as Dumpag which come from the Philippines. Now I am 50 Years old and have dedicated my life to MMA. In Delaware I have produced the most MMA Fighters with the most wins since 1998.

I tell you this Junior because quite honestly I am going to tell you that I KNOW HOW YOU CAN BEAT CAIN VELASQUEZ. I respect Cain for what he does, he mixes wrestling and boxing very, very well. His cardio is great and he does not pursue his fights to win with force or power alone, he is a true champion of multiple facets and if you are going to beat him you also must rise to increase your game In equal if not more facets.

That being said Junior “YOU NEED A JAB”, you have to work your jab a lot to set up your power and even more importantly break his timing and interrupt his attacks. You have a great right hand Junior but obviously Cain knows that and is successfully avoiding it by either striking you at range or coming in fast to Clinch you and his Clinches are aggressive with multiple wrestling attacks forcing you to defend.

With you wrestling Junior you need to stay off the cage. You cannot lean back there and wait for him like you did in the last fight. Some footwork would be nice to move off on angles instead of waiting there. I can help you with this a lot and give you an ability that not only avoids his strikes, shoots and clinches but also make him miss and enable you more opportunities for your power.

In addition Junior you need to learn something I call “Counter Offense”, this is something unique that I have developed from Filipino Dumpag and I KID YOU NOT IT WORKS to destroy incoming strikes, clinches and shoots instinctively and quickly to allow you to retaliate again at a great advantage.

The technique used by Chris Weidman in his last fight was NOT  a check, it was actually what we call in Dumpag “A Destruction” which is a Counter Offense where we “Attack The Attack”. I am at the fore front of this ability and KNOW that I can develop in you an ability that no other fighters have.

Junior I talk NO shit here. Don’t trust me, TRY ME. Call me and come to my MMA school in Middletown Delaware and I know I can train you to Counter this Champion and regain your title. I am Allen J. Sachetti and my number is 302-743-3115 www.delawaremma.com

The Best MMA Fight I Have Seen In A While

Last Saturday Feb. 22nd Rory MacDonald Vs Demian Maia had to be one of the best MMA fights I have seen in a while and let me quantify BEST.  By this I mean highest quality, not 2 stupid guys going in there and just brawling but a very technically proficient fight. Let me explain:

The fight started with Demian, (who is as good of a Wrestler as he is a BJJ man) shooting in on Rory. Rory was good against the double leg but Demian quickly switched and turned around into a Single and Rory simply was unprepared for that. He did not execute properly the counter for this and ended up on his back.

Demian however was met with a decent butterfly guard as Rory put up a good defense. It took a bit but Demian did pass and mount Rory. Rory did not panic!! He took some shots but went to his frame on Demians hips. He kept this and executed some good, sound, strong fundamental BJJ to escape the mount of a 5 Time BJJ World Champion.Upon escaping Rory got up and started delivering some shots to Demians head before the bell rang. That was round 1.

Round 2 Rory came out this time and did something I like to call MATCH THE LEVEL. Rory was taller but he bent his knees into a good base and kept his level the same as Maia’s. From there Rory worked something I like to do a lot in my class, he Matched The Level, Moved And Struck Maia repeatedly WELL.

Rory kept his low base and masterfully executed great range and timing as he moved each time Maia tried to shoot. Now I would say that Maia is certainly a world class wrestler as good as any All American, but Rory kept his level and and kept his range as he sensed Mais’s movement almost perfectly prior to each shoot.

This enabled Rory not only to make Maias shoot fall short but even when they didn’t and he got close to Rory’s hips Demain was able to sprawl or kick out and shut Maia DOWN completely. Maia kept running into his sternum, shoot after shoot after shoot.

This allowed Rory to then catch Maia standing up with some really  High Quality Strikes. Good, strong Jabs, Crosses, Round Kicks to the head and body. Thrown well and then returning right back to that low, low base making sure he was MATCHING MAIA’S LEVEL THE WHOLE TIME.

This is what most students do not understand, when you fight a World Class Wrestler you MUST MATCH THE LEVEL and maintain it throughout the fight. Moving to avoid his shoots, kickout and shut him down or deliver continuous strikes. Rory did this very well on Saturday and it was a pleasure to watch.

On the flip side of the coin Demian like Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo needed desperately to recognize “that if someone has the counter for your attack, that you need to now do something else”. Poor Demian just kept thinking he would shoot harder that he might eventually get it. Well possible but not highly probable when someone has the counter and in fact can end up getting you quite hurt if you insist.

What Demian  needed was really proper head movement. He needs to learn from someone who really knows how to do what we do in our school. Which is how to “make your opponent miss”. He needs to master the skill of not just slipping but presenting the target, making the opponent feel he can hit, sensing this and then moving before he does.

Demian had little to no head movement as he stood in front of Rory over and over again trying to shoot. Now Demian is a tough guy for sure but this does not mean that you want to use your head as a BRICK!! He took way too much punishment. Same problem he had in the Anderson Silva fight.

It appears to me that Demian has only one speed, to move forward, attack, attack, attack. Great work if you can get it, but bad if the person simply knows the counter as Rory did and Anderson did.

I hope Demian Maia reads this and Demian I am willing to put my money where my mouth is, come train with me. This is one of my specialties and I KNOW I can make you better. You are great in many things but not in all things. Let me help you. Give me a call and come to my school and I know I can develop in you an Amazing ability not only to make your opponent miss but also destroy the strikes that he throws at you.

To be a Champion it is of course heart but even more it is  in having the ANSWERS for the attacks you face. The proper, correct, applicable answers that counter instinctively not some but ALL of your opponents attacks are the only thing that will enable anyone to become an MMA Champion  and keep the belt once they get there.

The Answers.

– Alle J. Sachetti

A BJJ Instructor In Delaware Who Does NOT Beat You Up

The problem with many so called BJJ schools is that most so called teachers are NOT really teachers. They are professional hobbiests, which means their job is not to do BJJ but it is their hobby they do on the side.

They may call it their sport but we all know there are those who are PROFESSIONALS at the sport and those who do it as a amateur. These guys work another job full time and when they come to their school they do it for THEMSELVES.

If you go to one of these guys you will find that they go over whatever material they want to learn and then USE YOU to wrestle at the end so they can get better at their hobby.

Their focus is not about teaching you in proper progression each move in order and making sure you have all attacks, counters and escapes for each position. NO SIR, they go over whatever they want to work on, practice it and then want to get right to wrestling so that they can improve their performance.


Correct me if I am wrong but if you are paying someone to teach you, don’t you want to know that his focus Is on MAKING YOU GOOD?? Making sure you learn step by step all aspects of the game at YOUR PACE for your level at that time. Of course this is what you want.

I just signed up a student who was learning from a very selfish Black Belt in Newark Delaware for 4 YEARS!! He came in and my 4 month students were tapping him out, the poor guy was missing a lot, there was a lot he did not know.

Working with him at length I quickly realized that he was NOT taught for 4 years but used. Also his black belt teacher did NOT KNOW A LOT OF THE TECHNIQUE. He knew the guard bottom and what he liked to work on but his teacher did not appear to have any knowledge of the proper ways to escape numerous positions.

This is a common fault with hobbiests, they simply do not have the time to be comprehensive in all areas of BJJ, the pick one position that they really love and then learn how to win tournaments, NOT FIGHT. For example a guy can get good at the guard, get some points and then just stall by holding someone in the guard until time runs out.

This method of learning will get you killed in a real MMA or street fight.

Ok, all that being said if you really WANT TO GET GOOD and learn from a teacher who is well rounded in all positions and all areas WHO ACTUALLY PUTS YOUR FIRST, then come to Dauntless.

For the last 20 years Mr. Sachetti has done nothing but this as his full time job. Not only does his have a high Skill Level and Depth in all facets of BJJ but he TEACHES YOU RIGHT. Step by step, at your level in proper progression and then once your earn your Blue Belt, his Blue to Purple Belt Material is better than any other school I have ever seen.

By better I mean more comprehensive in Spider Guard, De La Riva Guard, Butterfly Guard, X-Guard, 1/2 Guard, Sit Up Guard, Fetal Mount, S Mount, Cross Body, North South, Hybrid, Alligator, Hammer, Turtle, Advanced Stand Up – AMAZING COURSE. You earn your Purple Belt in this course and you can go to any Grapplers Quest or Mundals and excel.

From there Mr. Sachetti can take you from Purple to Brown and Black if you really want to develop into something special.

Check out training with Mr. Sachetti at Dauntless Martial Arts, 4448 Summit Bridge Rd. Newark Delaware 19709.



Dauntless MMA Hosts An Advanced BJJ Seminar With Luiz Palahares

7th Degree Rickson Gracie Black Belt Luiz Palhares comes to do a special advanced BJJ Seminar with Sensei Allen J. Sachetti at Dauntless Martial Arts In Middletown, Delaware.

Luiz is a multiple time BJJ champion and one of the few instructors in the world who has an In Depth knowledge of the BJJ system that Rickson Gracie refined. This system develops material in all positions that most others miss. Not only Fundamentals but Intermediate and Advanced material will be presented.

The thing too about the Fundamentals from a Rickson Gracie black belt is that they are much more in depth than what others think they know about the position. Even seasoned Black Belts learn a lot from Rickson Gracie and his Belts.

For example the way that I learned to pass the guard from Rickson was so much more than just any one or series of techniques. It consisted of a greater knowledge and understanding of the hips, how to kill them, the body, how it moves and how to respond to shut down things before they ever happen. It was very, very intricate and exceptional in performance.

To illustrate this point take a look at my teachers son Kron Gracie on this video, it is called the Curious Case Of Kron Gracie because HE KEEPS WINNING using what we would call fundamentals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGtAMguSum4

Perhaps Fundamentals are NOT basic, perhaps they are much more.

Luiz Palhares comes to Dauntless Martial Arts at 4448 Summit Bridge Rd. Middletown, DE 19709 on June 7th, 2014 from 1pm – 4pm. Luiz is an amazing teacher who goes greatly in depth giving you a much higher understanding of BJJ for Gi, No Gi and MMA applications.

If you want to try a FREE Bjj class at Dauntless you can do so on Tues or Thrs at 7:00 PM. Call 302-743-3115 to try.

Allen J. Sachetti

Delaware’s Best MMA School Announces A New Fighter

Since 1998 Mr. Allen J. Sachetti of Dauntless MMA in Middletown Delaware, has produced the most MMA fighters with the most wins in Delaware. This is easy to see by simply going to his youtube channel and watching fight after fight of winner after winner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGmxgoV7pF4&list=TLBFLZhnObsWlshNezq-t0KB1ajXmd8BOT

Mr. Sachetti certainly has produced fighters of an exceptional ability for Striking, Wrestling and the Ground but he never really finished teaching a fighter the complete art of Filipino Dumpag. Well that is now changed.

Right now Justin Trujillo and Joshua Sachetti are mastering a very effective and functional MMA system that uses Filipino Dumpag to literally “attacks the attack”.

So what does this mean, well these fighters are developing a very unique ability to destroy any punch, kick, clinch or shoot that comes at them while at the same time delivering their own attacks efficiently.

The “Destrutctions” of the attacks (as Mr. Sachetti calls them) are very, very effective. Having seen their training first hand against good wrestlers and boxers I can tell you that these techniques work.

They are fluid within the fighters own offense and come out easily and instantly when they spar no matter what their opponent throws. The UFC should really take a look at these guys and what they are doing. Not only does it make for a very entertaining fight but it is really different and works against any opponent.

The first fight for Justin Trujillo should be this summer fighting at Harrahs Casino outside Philadelphia and I will post on this blog as soon as they give us a date.

Watching Team Dauntless train is really something and I cannot wait to see these guys in larger competitions. Not only is their technique superb but their conditioning is AMAZING, the training Mr. Sachetti puts them through is really next level.

Take Care – John Ramses