Dauntless MMA Wins 2 Gold and 1 Bronze Medal at the 2014 NAGA World Championships

PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST it is my great honor to report that 3 of my students where able to win medals at the 2014 NAGA World Grappling Championships this last Saturday April 26th.

Ronnie “Hard Core” Cane after only 6 months of training took a Gold Medal in the Teens Feather Weight Beginners Division. Winning the final fight with a collar choke submission.

Dan Garber also after only 6 months of training took the Gold Medal for the Adult Novice Cruiser Weight Division beating a much bigger and longer opponent who was quite good in the final on points. Dan really dominated not being scored on and winning 9-0.

Chad Strauss brought home a Bronze Medal after doing first a 5 min fight and then a 2 min overtime which still left no score on the board. (Still Don’t know how the ref picked the other guy?) In the Blue Belt Masters 179 lb division.

But perhaps some of the greatest moments that day did not come from the medal matches but from 2 of my Blue Belt fighters who stepped into the NAGA Intermediate 2-5 year (a big gap) division to fight a lot of Purple and Brown belts who were at a much higher skill level.

Josh Sachetti fought a brown belt who was really awesome to put catch Josh in a funky reverse triangle and also try to shoulder lock him. Josh fought back with the heart of a Lion NOT to go out and eventually escape to pass this guys guard and then almost take his back with a Lion Choke but time ran out.

Justin Trujillo executed some masterful kick outs to shut down some world class shoots but then got swept from the guard to be held cross body, but he fought the whole time and did not give up to loose on points after time.

BOTTOM LINE THESE 2 YOUNG MEN SHOWED ME SOMETHING, they fought much more skilled fighters and almost got them. These young men are only 18 and 21, they have a long bright future ahead of them and they are now on the cusp of really becoming something exceptional. For them they got right up and started looking towards the next tournament. That is how MEN do it and I am honored by them.

– Allen J. Sachetti

Can We Please Be Real About Jon Jones?

Glover Teixeira said after watching Alexander Gustafsson really BEAT Jon Jones QUOTE: “If I hit Jones as much as that I would knock him out.”

So then why did Glover Teixeira NOT knock out Jon Jones in last nights UFC Light Heavy Weight Title Fight? Why? Well quite simply because of the LENGTH Jon Jone’s arms and legs, it’s that simple.

Jones spent 90% of his time in the outter range against Teixeira by SIMPLY EXTENDING HIS ARM AND PUTTING HIS PALM ON TEIXEIRA’S HEAD. How can anyone with an IQ higher than a Grape argue that this is talent???? Of course it is not, it is Length.

Jones kept extending his arm so much so to Glovers head that he also constantly kept poking him in the eye!! The Ref even had to threaten Jones to take away a point after HIS 3RD TIME OF DOING IT.

Jones fighting this way is certainly NOT  testimony to his talent but in fact a testimony to his length. I mean it was like watching a school yard fight where a big bully was picking on a little kid. Jones literally kept putting his arm straight out to put his hand on Glover’s head and then while holding him away land blows. It looked like a 5th grader picking on a 1st grader, it was just stupid. It was not skill, it was not timing, it was simply a much bigger longer opponent holding a smaller one at a distance.

Now in the clinch Jones did land some good power shots with his fists to then flow into some good elbows. Especially in the latter rounds as they clinched, but here again it was like Jones had 4 arms, because he could first land punches and then fold his arms to land elbow at a slightly different range. That was cool but again more a result of Jones’s attribute of length than his talent.

Point of fact Jones simply does not have to work very hard to fight smaller people. When he kept Teixeira at range with his long arm he could land elbows, Jabs, crosses, oblique kicks, round kicks, side kicks and even attempting round kicks without ever having to run the risk of getting hit back. So he did not have to try very hard, he just threw them and then came back to his range.

Now Glover did NAIL Jones the few times that Jones had the guts to get close enough to him. In the earlier exchanges Glover did hurt him and was getting the better of the exchanges but as soon as Jones felt his power he did not want to stay in that range with him. He either stayed farther out or came tighter into the clinch and strike from there.

Glover tried a few times also to take Jones down but again as soon as he touched him Jones was just so long in relation to Glover’s arms he could not get any decent leverage. To his credit though Teixeira was able to shut down most of Jones’s takedowns and get immediately up from the 2 that he did.


Gustafasson does not have the power of Teixeira.

Gustafasson was not as good a wrestler as Chael Sonnen



Alexander Gustaffson BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF JONES!! Did you see his face after the fight and his leg how he was limping?? Come on be real UFC!! Stop showing us only the highlight of Jones hitting Gustaffson with a spinning elbow in the 4th round, which by the way Alexander shook right off and continued fighting to come back and RULE the 5th round.

Please UFC show us the superior takedowns Alexander was able to do on Jones almost effortlessly and his superior striking COMBINATIONS where Jones mostly only threw one shots.Alexander won the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th rounds, I gave the 4th to Jones yes, but come on Jones did not win the fight.

If Jon Jones wants my respect I need to see him fight fighters his same size, where he did not rehydrate 30-40 pounds ABOVE 205 THE DAY OF THE FIGHT. Come on that is just cheating, let us see him fight Cain Velasquez or even Travis Browne.

Honestly Travis Browne is no where near the skill level of Cain Velasquez but HE WOULD GIVE JONES A HARD TIME. Why, because Browne is as big if not bigger and the way Jones fights. Jones tries to take his time and throw a lot of one shots. One kick, one punch, one elbow which by the way do NOT have the same effect on people who are the same size as him.

Travis Browne is a rough due with great length of arms and legs, it would be a very interesting match up for Jones, but the real test to see if Jones is a real champion would be to have him fight Cain Velasquez.

We need to see Jones actually use some quality of technique other than extending his arm to put his palm on his opponents head to keep him away.



#1) Glover could have backed up just a bit to keep a further range and start hitting just Jones’s hands and arms first. HANDS and ARMS you say?? It is very much a Filipino technique but very effective.

By staying out of Jones range and hitting first his hands and arms instead of being in the range of hitting his head and body Glover would start hitting Jones without him being able to hit him back WITHOUT moving closer.

Hitting the hands and arms breaks his timing and keeps them from hitting you

Hitting the hands and arms does have a culminating effect

Hitting the hands and arms can make him recoil for you to be able to enter without him stopping you with a stop hit.

Hitting the hands and arms can frustrate him to where you opponent throws caution to the wind and tries to enter in on you, if you enter at this moment you can have a devastating effect.

#2) In the Clinch Glover needed what we call at Dauntless “The Arm Unit” a unqiue way of moving the arms and elbows together around the head with torque to destroy incoming blows while at the same time allowing you to deliver devastating strikes back on him.

I will put my money where my mouth is, I will teach a UFC Fighter these material and he does not have to pay me until he BEATS JONES. We can make a agreement that when he wins with my techniques only then do I get paid.

Well come and see for yourself, I know what I am saying works and will work on Jon Jones or any fighter who has length over another.

One thing for sure though is that after watching Vitor Belfort & Glover Teixeira (who are both great) is that smaller fighters are not going to start beating Jones until they start using a different technology.

NO ONE CAN KNOW EVERYTHING, come and see for yourself what I have developed from Filipino Dumpag for MMA and you too will know.

– Allen J. Sachetti



Travis Browne Vs Fabricio Werdum, What Should You Learn?

Last Saturday the UFC brought us a great fight between Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne and it was a classic contest of Attribute versus Skill.

Let me start by saying that I like both fighters but like has nothing do with fighting. We truly know what is right if we are to improve and also not take unnecessary   DAMAGE over a long career.

Travis Browne is a big man of GREAT Heart, great attributes but unfortunately very little skill. Being so big and having such heart he has been able to win some fights by outlasting lesser opponents who would leave openings for him to retaliate.

While Travis is big and can throw some real powerful bombs he is very much what we call a “One Shot Fighter”, he is always going for that one powerful shot to finish the fight. He really lacks proper boxing or striking skill to set his power up with Jabs, Fakes, Slips or combinations.

He is putting his whole heart into every strike just looking for the power but has not yet learned the striking skills to “enjoy the work”. What do I mean by this? Well when one fights properly you should not be looking to just try and finish a fight with one strike, you need to be smart and set things up, use multiple strikes to direct your opponents attention and reactions to create openings and then land power.

Also if you land power not get crazy to then drop your hands and go wild throwing all you can.  no stick with what got you there, smart, quality, strategic strikes that also deliver a cumulative effect to wear him down, keep him on the defensive and create again more openings for power. Unfortunately I am sad to say we saw none of that from Travis.

Travis fought mostly with his hands down and took a lot of damage from the Werdum who kept his hands a bit higher to deliver multiple combinations against Travis’s one shot attacks. Even when Travis hit him with a blow he would not follow up or continue. This is no way to Box or Strike.

From a Counter Offensive point of view Travis had none. Other than a tremendous head for taking a lot of blows. Again he is a tough guy but tough only gets you in the cage it does not make your WIN in the cage. SMART & PROPER WINS IN THE CAGE.

If I had some time with Travis aside from working on his striking as I have previous written here I would also work on his Counter Offense. I have said it before and will say it again NO ONE has seen what I have got for Counter Offense and what I have got WORKS.

I would love to teach a fighter with a tremendous heart like Travis this ability. My “Counter Offense” uses elbows in a unique way NOT to Block or Cover but literally, instinctually “Attack The AttacK” of strikes and incoming grappling attempts to destroy them before they reach their target. This ability is Offensive in nature so it works naturally in with your striking plan and does not require backing up.

I know one day I will have my chance to enhance a fighter with this unique Counter Offense system and then we will see good boxing combinations, strong round kicks, killer shoots and strong clinch attempts all ripped up. So if you read this Travis give me a call man I would love to work with you for your next fight, because what you are doing now is NOT working.

From a Wrestling point of view we also saw Travis get taken down for the first time in his career, again it was not that he had amazing skill to avoid this, it was just that he never fought a grappler of this skill level before. Maybe in Josh Barnet, but Josh just shot when Travis was against the cage and here you do not press. Travis was able to hold himself up with his back on the cage and knock out Josh with a great elbow.

So what happened on Saturday, why did Travis get taken down so much? Well he was fighting  a much better person!! Fabricio did not drive into him when he was against the cage, he linked his strikes into takedowns when he was off the cage or switched to other techniques that would direct his energy away from the cage if he was on it or near it. Watch the fight.

This drives home the TRUTH that SKILL is not really so simple, it takes time with a  proper teacher to really develop a True Skill Level. In wrestling this means not only insisting on what you want but feeling what the other person wants or is doing in response to your attacks, you must adjust and change to react right immediately if you are going to capitalize and Travis simply has not spent enough time in this area.

On the ground too he was dominated, it was only the matter of his size that he was able to get up the times that he did. It was not skillful and cost him a lot of energy which really hurt him as rounds went on.

Travis if you are reading this give me a call man, you are a man of an Amazing Heart, please let me make you a man of Amazing SKILL. My recipe for Travis Brown:

#1) Proper Striking Training – Range And Timing, How To Advance, How To Evade 90 degrees and Not Straight Back, How To set Things Up, How To Use the JAB (big time), Direct, Indirect and Redirected Attacks, Combinations and Following up. Of course these words only give you an idea I have to show you my way, what exactly I mean.

#2) Clinchwork – you need Travis what I have developed as “Anti-Wrestling” which is the ability to pick up and destroy shoots and clinches before they happen and deal with them at the point of contact to first KNOW what throw the guy is trying then counter that and to recounter as he changes to his next attack. A good wrestler will try to change and react to your energy to do the next thing or himself set up a combination of energies from the very beginning that you MUST be able to read and destroy as he does. You cannot be oblivious to this  and this is why you got taken down so much on Saturday.

#3) Ground – dude we have got to work some good BJJ, you need proper bottom and top game. Ok you prefer striking and stand up but the Ground happens as you saw last Saturday. I can develop in you a world class ability to counter all that I saw Werdum putting on you and how about preventing those bad positions to begin with.

So Travis Browne there you go I am throwing it down, you show me who you are fighting next, I don’t care who it is and I will teach you how to beat him and beat him well. Don’t trust me, TRY ME and you don’t have to pay me unless you win. What do you say?

– Allen j. Sachetti

Mr. Sachetti Leads Team Dauntless To The 2014 NAGA World Championships

The 2014 NAGA World Championships are held this year on April 26th at the Mennin Arena in Morristown New Jersey and Team Dauntless is ready.

I must say as their teacher and coach I am more impressed with this Team than any other I have had before. We have spent the time,  put the work in and now we are off.

I would like please to pray for my Team.

“Glorious Father, God of the Universe I praise your Name and the Name of your Son Jesus Christ and ask that You Bless us with great sensitivity, skill, awareness, speed, strength, courage and technical precision as we fight our opponents on Saturday to Defeat our opponents well and Win our matches for Your Glory and Honor Lord not ours, In Jesus Name – Amen.

Putting God first in my life has always and will always bring me the best results, but the thing about praying is that you must really BELIEVE. As a warrior facing opponents we of course must our part in training but we also cannot leave God out.

Some people have a real problem with this because they just hate God, but others more have a problem with his because they either may not really believe or they have more doubt in their heart than they have belief. So I offer the answer for this here:

“But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and
without reproach, and it will be given to him. But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind. For that man ought not to expect  that he will receive anything from the Lord,  being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways. James 1:5-8 NASB

“But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says, “GOD IS OPPOSED TO THE PROUD, BUT GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE.” Submit therefore to God. Resist the  devil and he will flee from you.
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded”. – James 4:6-7 NASB

This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according
to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him. – 1 John 5:14-15 NASB


 “Only be strong and very courageous; be careful to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, so that you may have success wherever you go. ” – Joshua 1:7

– Allen J. Sachetti