Allen J. Sachetti Is Promoted To 2nd Degree Black Belt By Professor Luiz Palhares

Saturday June 7, 2014 Allen J. Sachetti was promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Rickson Gracie Black Belt Luiz Palhares (7th Degree) at Dauntless Martial Arts, 4446 Summit Bridge Rd. Middletown Delaware 19709.

Allen J. Sachetti began his BJJ with Rickson Gracie back in 1994 where he was one of the first Blue Belts to be promoted by Rickson in the United States. Mr. Sachetti competed in a number of BJJ Gi and No Gi Tournaments winning Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals as he moved up to earn his Purple Belt from Rickson in 2001.

After the death of Rickson’s son Mr. Sachetti continued training with Renato Migliaccio from Gracie Barra and then one of the senior students of Rickson in Luiz Palhares. Working with Luiz Allen was able to really improve his game plus get much more into the Depth of the original game of Rickson and his father Helio. Including going to Brazil in 2006 to train with Luiz and Claudio Fontes.

This was a great experience¬†that allowed Allen to roll with some of the best in the world. World Champion Black Belts in their 20’s was an amazing experience for the 46 year old who commented “that in the beginning they really worked me but they couldn’t get me, I was able to survive, then by the 5th day I was able to start getting them”. Rolling with these guys gave me a view into BJJ that I did not see in the US.

Allen was promoted to Brown Belt in 2005 and then Black Belt by Luiz Palhares in 2007 to continue being the Chief Instructor for the BJJ programs at Dauntless Martial Arts in 2 schools, both in Newark and Smyrna Delaware.

Mr. Sachetti went on to produce numerous champions in both Gi and No Gi tournaments and then in fact produce the MMA Fighters in Delaware with the Most Wins (see their fights at .

In 2010 Allen was promted to 1st Degree Black Belt by Luiz Palhares and now it is his great honor to be promoted to 2nd Degree.

“It Is my drive now to perfect my Jiu-Jitsu even further as I continue to roll with more and more people to refine my moves, read their energy and sharpen my reactions to immediately take advantage of any energy I feel.

If you would like to train with Mr. Sachetti call 302-743-3115 to make an appointment to try a Free Class at Dauntless Martial Arts, 4446 Summit Bridge Rd. Middletown, Delaware 19709

Maribeth Sachetti Is Promoted To 1st Degree Black Belt By Luiz Palhares

On Saturday June 7th, 2014 Maribeth Sachetti was promoted to 1st Degree Back Belt by Professior Luiz Palhares (7th Degree) at Dauntless Martial Arts 4446 Summit Bridge Rd, Newark Delaware 19702.

Maribeth is an avid BJJ practicioner as well as accomplished MMA Fighter and Lakan in Pekiti-Tirsi. Few women in the world have spent the time that Maribeth has in training and fighting with larger, stronger men to really refine a high skill level and performance abiltiy

Maribeth is currently the president of Dauntless Martial Arts Inc. where she operates one of the best Kids courses in the world for classical Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. Together with her husband Allen J. Sachetti she has designed a very effective kids curriculum for learning Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.

Teaching kids BJJ & MMA is certainly challenging and much harder than teaching Karate. In the BJJ class kids have to actually be able to do the moves against a partner resisting fully. This requires not only seeing the move but doing reps of it over and over again with a proper teacher standing over you correcting you as you do wrong.

A lot of times with BJJ people think they have the move because the have seen the move, but really nothing could be farther than the truth. It takes time to FEEL the move with different levels of resistance to truly realize how much energy you must put where and then FLOW from one energy to the next for the situation as it arises, but always keeping what is important to establishing your escape, counter, hold or offense.

Children 3-13 can learn from Mrs. Sachetti at 4446 Summit Bridge Rd. Middletown, DE 19709 by calling ahead at 302-743-3115 to make an appointment to try a free class Tuesday or Thursday Afternoons at 6:00 PM.