Dauntless Delivers At The 2014 Grapplers Quest National Championships

Dauntless Martial Arts in Middletown, Delaware has certainly proved that it indeed delivers the Highest Skill level and Technical Expertise in both No Gi Grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for students in Delaware.

On Saturday July 26th led by Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti Dauntless delivered 7 Medals from 6 Students competing at the 2014 Grappler’s Quest Nationals in Morristown, New Jersey. 3 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze Medal were produced by the efforts of Team Dauntless against the some of  best Grapplers and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practicioners in the United States and Canada.

To start off the Team Ronnie Kane made his Grappler’s Quest debut competing in the No Gi Beginners Teen Division at 119 lbs. and The BJJ White Belt Teen Divison at 119 lbs as well. Ronnie delivered a Gold Medal in both the No Gi and BJJ Gi Divisons to become a 2 time 2014 National Champion!! Upon winning these 2 divisions Ronnie was promoted to Blue  Belt By Sensei Allen J. Sachetti

Next we have Dan Garber who fought an all out knock down street fight in the Adult BJJ White Belt Division at 179 lbs. Dan had multiple fights against good people but his Technique won out to deliver a stellar performance of Take Downs and Position Dominance to win another Gold Medal for Dauntless. Dan was also promoted to Blue Belt by Sensei Allen J. Sachetti.

Jason Buchanan stepped onto the Mat for his first time in the Beginner No Gi 169 lb Grappling Division against some pretty tough competitors. Jason had a hard some tough fights and a real screecher in the final that was a tie score until the very end. Jason took home the Silver for Dauntless and he too was promoted to Blue Belt by Sensei Allen J. Sachetti.

Newcomers Lawrence Ellesberry  showed great promise after only 3 months of Training to perform well in the Adult Men’s No Gi 139 lb division to bring home another Silver Medal for Dauntless. “Lawrence’s instincts were good and his movement was fluid” said Sensei Sachetti (Lawrence’s Teacher) as he did well with people of obviously longer training periods.

Jay Barnes showed particular heart as he competed in the Executive Divisions for Men’s No Gi to bring home the Silver for Dauntless. Jay fought hard and did well for his first time out and I know with his determination we will be seeing more of him.

Sometimes we save the best for last and this is one of those times. Perhaps one the hardest and largest Divisions had to be the Adult No Gi Intermediate. Here a range if 2-5 years of experience sometimes allows for a massive gap of skill level between competitors. Joshua Sachetti competed in this Division of 16 Highly Skilled Competitors to be the only one to actually pass the Guard and score on the Champion of the Division. Then Josh went onto compete in the BJJ Blue Belt at 159 to win his first fight with a slaughtering 13-0 score and then take the Bronze Medal in the BJJ Blue Belt Absolute.

Watching Josh fight was inspiring to say the least and I know that we will be seeing this young man in bigger events in the future. He certainly has the talent and the stamina to go into professional fighting and at only 18 he is really laying a strong foundation to do so.

So at the end of the day Team Dauntless was the ONLY school from Delaware to compete at the 2014 Grappler’s Quest Nationals and they were able to bring home to Delaware 7 Medals. GOOD JOB DAUNTLESS!!

The skills of the Dauntless BJJ / Grappling Team really illustrate the unique BJJ Foundations of Rickson Gracie with  Position Dominance, Sound Transitions and Strong Submissions. Their Escapes too are masterful, reading the opponent much further out and shutting his attacks and positions before he can even get where he wants to go.

Anyone who is looking for really good Brazilian Jiu-JItsu or Grappling training in Delaware should definitely check out Dauntless at www.delawarebjj.com

They are in Middletown right next to the Airport now just over the Summit Bridge off Rt, 896 but I think they are moving to Newark, Delaware soon too.

MMA Technique Vs. Attribute Rory McDonald Vs Tyron Woodley

Any  who is seriously interested in competing in MMA and doing well needs to really read this article very carefully.

There are many fighters out there who are fit and some who are even blessed with physical attributes that seem to be above average. However there are truly fewer and fewer fighters who actually have the foresight to take their time with a good teacher to develop a High SKILL LEVEL.

An Attribute Fighter is someone who may be gifted in speed, strength and endurance so much so that he neglects spending the appropriate time and patience to develop a truly high skill level in multiple areas. This fighter may be able to beat average fighters based on his attribute alone and if this does happen it reinforces his belief that he wins because of his attributes.

A fighter like this will therefore spend more of his training on increasing his speed, strength, endurance or other attributes with plyometrics or other shape specific types of training where the goal is to improve the attribute and not develop any real technique.

This same Attribute fighter may spend some time on Technique but he never will see that improving this Technique makes him better, he believes that HIS Attributes make the Technique  better, which of course is never true.

Attributes are fuel for Technique but they do not make one’s Technique better. No, what makes Technique better is time with a proper teacher who knows how to make the student perform REPITITONS until the Technique is near perfect. It is only this process of reps where the teacher is able to point out what is wrong or missing as you go along that starts to make the Technique something special.

Then there is feeling the technique in it’s application over and over again until you refine it visually and tactilely to fit or react properly in it’s execution without thought. For MMA this process needs to be done for the Stand Up, Clinchwork and Ground before you see a truly High Skill Level of Technique emerge in a fighter.

The Fight between Rory McDonald and Tyron Woodley was an example of a mostly Attribute Fighter in Tyron and a fighter with some Attribute but also much higher Skilut l Level in Rory.

Rory was patient and masterful as he applied the right techniques at the right time in the Stand Up, Clinch and later on the Ground. He really shut down Tyron’s Attributes and showed how a really good fighter can deal with someone who may be stronger and faster. Rory was excellent.

In the Stand Up he repeatedly out struck Tryon by bringing a Skill Level to the table that Tyron was simply not trained to deal with. Tyron tired to overcome Ronnie with speed and explosive ness but Rory simply had the answers for these things as he reacted precisely to Tyron’s energy not only to counter him but command him,

Then in the 3rd round Rory executed a masterful takedown by drawing Tyron into a specific reaction from a series of blows. He watched how Tyron reacted to certain strikes and then got him to react the way he wanted. Then Rory slipped and took down a 2 time All American with ease. Just masterful.

Later that evening we also got to watch Demetrius Johnson who was an excellent example of Technique AND Attribute. Here we saw a fighter who has worked as hard at his Technique as he has at his Attributes. His Flow, Footwork, Precision In Striking And Grappling were all excellent. It is nice to see a Fighter who takes his Technique as serious as his Attributes.