Dauntless BJJ Sensei Allen J. Sachetti Teaches A Unique Armlock Escape.

Again I am impressed by Sensei Sachetti’s precise use of energy as he completely nullifies even the best armlocks from seasoned BJJ professionals. The way that he literally “Kills” that foundation leg of this armlock is amazing. I have never seen anyone in the UFC who knows this way of defeating the armlock, they all try to stand up and use brute force to pull away. This way is so much better for getting out of a very tight BJJ armlock.

Dauntless BJJ Triangle Escape By Sensei Allen J. Sachetti

Some great lessons here now FREE on you tube from Sensei Allen J. Sachetti. Sensei Sachetti brings a level of expertise that simply does not exist in a lot of teachers. There is a lot of subtle nuances and details in these moves that make them work better. His way of using energy consistently on specific points of the body are something that really have to be felt to be known, but I can tell you they make the technique a completely different move. Take a look.