The Secret To Getting Really Good At BJJ

There are many attributes that one must craft within his or herself to get really good at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The purpose of this article will be to try and help illuminate these to others who are on a similar path.

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#1) SENSITIVITY – I define this as the ability to FEEL or READ exactly what your opponent is going to do before he or she does it. So much more information is transmitted tactilely in grappling and you must be keen to it. For me my reading ability continues to improve with age. I think it is one of the attributes that can actually stay with you and improve as you age. It certainly gives me a tremendous advantage when rolling with younger, stronger opponents.

#2) THE QUALITY OF YOUR TECHNIQUE – for me you should spend as much time as possible drilling both sides of any BJJ Technique. When I have traveled to the big name greats around the world whether it was Rickson Gracie’s school, Luiz Palhares, Marcello Gracia or others I always see the same thing from their best students. REPITITION, and not sloppy reps but reps with a teacher standing over them making sure each and every aspect of that BJJ move is correct. I love Quality Reps, you should do 100 times each side for each move at least. What happens when I do this is I kind of no longer exist but only the MOVE exists. It is great.

#3) ATHLETICISM – I love working out, running, elliptical, weights, kettle bells and club bells even more. You can always improve your endurance, speed, strength and fitness and it should be part of your daily regiment particularly if you own a BJJ school as I do. Each day I hit the gym for some fitness development. WIND or Cardio in particularly should really be maintained and pushed further.

#4) ENERGY – Ok now this is something I usually only see legitimate BJJ Black Belts start to exhibit but it does not mean you cannot get it as a Purple or Brown Belt too. The “Precise” Application of Energy to “Key Points Of Contact” throughout any BJJ move are the shall we say “Unseen” part of BJJ. You cannot realize this unless you roll with a real BJJ Black Belt but a move can look exactly the same and be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Have you ever rolled with a Purple Belt doing a particular move and then rolled with a Black Belt doing that same move to immediately notice that the Black Belts version is AMAZINGLY BETTER!!

This is a common occurrence as you go up in skill level with BJJ masters. There is an energy within every move, it is the substance within it. There is the moment when you apply energy to a key point of contact to immobilize your opponent and then how you transfer from one point of contact to another WITHOUT ever loosing that energy. In other words it is maintained throughout your transition from one point to another without leaving any gap. This is certainly something I learned from Rickson Gracie. In my opinion he was the best of the Gracie brothers and this is a big reason why.

When I rolled with Rickson Gracie he made even Basic moves Advanced because of how he applied and distributed energy within those moves. I am naturally a very tactile person so this is something I picked up on very quickly with him. You could experience a move with someone else and then experience that move with Rickson and it was completely different.

This application, maintaining and transitioning of energy is something I have been really blessed to refine over the years at Dauntless. Owning a school for close to 30 years now I have rolled with so many people. Some really great and some just off the street  but if you want to get good at BJJ I mean REALLY GOOD AT BJJ, Energy Is Essential.

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It certainly has been a tough life to own and run a BJJ school for over 30 years but I must say I am so blessed to see the benefit in my 2 sons now. They both are becoming uncommon in their excellence in BJJ. My eldest son has now won his first MMA fight on 02/19/16 at the XCC in Philadelphia with a UFC Referee working the fight and several UFC fighters in attendance. They all remarked as to his performance saying “That was some of the cleanest Jiu-Jitsu I have even seen in MMA”.

Personally I wish to thank always My Father God and His Son Lord Jesus Christ for all of our abilities to perform in this trade.  Amen

-Sensei Allen J. Sachetti / BJJ 2nd Degree Black Belt

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