June 1st, 2013 In The Summit Shopping Center On Rt. 896 In Middletown, Delaware VALOR MMA Opens. With over 20 Years of MMA Experience, A 1st Degree Black Belt In BJJ Certified By Rickson Gracie And Luiz Palhares, A Mandala In Pekiti-Tirsia Dumpag and Avid Boxer, Thai Boxer & Wrestler Mr. Allen J. Sachetti offers students unparalled excellence in training for MMA.

Valor MMA truly will be an elite training experience for a select few. Mr. Sachetti is a craftsman who takes his time to make sure a student truly develops a proper ability before he moves on. This is why he has produced the most MMA fighters in Delaware with the most wins.

His Curriculum is comprehensive for Stand Up, Clinch Work and Ground developing in you Precise Instincts, Amazing Skill Level and Tremendnous Endurance, Speed, Timing & Strength. I should know I am Mike Bailey and I have been training with Mr. Sachetti for over 2 years. I am on path now to excellence in MMA and Mr. Sachetti is uncompromising in his dedication to teaching me and all of his students.

So on June 1st this new school opens giving a tremendous opportunity to the people of Middletown and Newark. Summit Shopping Center is very close to the Summit Bridge so if you are coming from Newark it is easy to find. Just go over the Summit Bridge and see the Middletown Airport on the right, the Shopping Center is right after that.

If you are coming from Middletown or Futher South just take Rt. 1 to the Boyds Corner Rd. Exit, then take Boyds Corner Road straight to 896 then make a left and see Summit Shopping Center on your left. If you come from Middletown Just take take 896 North and you will see Valor up on your right hand side.

If you need directions just call 302-743-3115