Comentary On UFC 160 Dos Santos – Hunt Was GREAT, Velasquez – Silva Was A Terrible Disappointment

Last nights UFC 160  had some of the best and some the worst MMA Fights I have ever seen.Certainly KJ Noons demonstrated that keeping your hands down formost of the fight is a very  unproductive practice. KJ had a lot of heart and was tough for sure but Donald Cerrone just laid waste to him in the stand up. KJ occasionally got some strikes back on him but they were always thrown from the Hip as his hands were mostly down. This allowed Donald Cerrone to see them coming from a lot further out and evade them in many exchanges. On the Ground Cerrone really dominated again proving that people do not win fights just because they are tough but because their technique is right for each situation.

The Fight between Junior Dos Santos and Mark Hunt was spectacular! Both were swinging for the fences and each had the power to finish the other. Early in Round 1 Junior landed an Overhand that sent Mark Hunt to the ground, but he quickly got up. Hunt delivered also several crushing left hooks that staggered Junior several times.

This was going to be a fight of “Range & Timing” where both delivered damage to the other but clearly Juniors size and reach gave him an advantage. In many exchanges Mark through some  bombs that just whizzed past juniors head. Hunt’s arms were just a bit shorter and he had trouble reaching Junior with many shots.

Then Junior starting employing some jabs to great effect that stunned Mark on several occasions and set up his power punches. As the rounds progressed it was clear that technique and strategy together with speed and power would be winning this fight.

To Juniors credit when Mark staggered him with a great left hook in the second round he shot in and took him down. Playing the game right he then dominated on the ground until the bell rang. In the Third Round Junior continued with sound strategy but Mark never gave up landing and threatening as much as he could until a  left, a jab and then spinning back kick put Mark on the mat for Junior to finish him with a ground shot.

All in all one of the best fights I have seen, but also very clear to see that best strikers in the UFC today rely most on evasion to deal with incoming strikes and if they cannot get out of the way, wll then they get hit. The ability from Dumpag to use Destructions against incoming blows would have certainly helped many of the fighters on this night. It is my work now to train more of our guys to distinguish themselves to go pro with this ability.

Regarding the Velasquez / Silva fight, well I can say I have never been more disappointed. Silva had all of the tools he needed to beat Velasquez but he came out with such an air of timidity. Silva did stop several take down attempts but when it came to the striking he just sat there, DESPITE A 5 INCH REACH ADVANTAGE. Oh I screamed for someone to get this man a good boxing instructor. If he simply used his long arm he could have really hammered Velasquez but he just sat there with his guard up WITHOUT any head movement.

Well an easy target for Velasquez and this fight certainly demonstrated how you cannot go into an MMA competition without having all 3 disciplines trained PROPERLY and I do mean properly. A good boxing coach could have made Silva much more aggressive and at least threatening in the stand up, especially with a 5 inch advantage.

Velasquez tagged him, Silva went down but he continued for his legs. Silva delivered a few more shots from the Turtle top but then the Ref jumped in for one of the Worst stoppages I have ever seen. Silva was still fighting and moving, it was just stupid and very disappointing. After the stoppage Silva jumped right up and was clearly ready for more, it was really a bad stoppage.

Well that’s my 2 cents for the fights last night, see you guys on the mat this week.

– Allen J. Sachetti