The Essence Of Striking For MMA

In Striking you must immediately Feel, Sense, Know when there is an opening, attack or misdirection. Openings must be captialize on to deliver blows with Speed, Power, Accuracy, Precision and Timing all in one.

Attacks coming at you must immediately be countered by Intercepting (Beating them to the punch) Evasion and Counter Striking OR Destruction (Dumpag) into Follow Up. Being able to Feel and KNOW as you are looking for openings to strike that an attack is now coming in and WHERE is essential.

I love developing this Skill and I must say it can improve with age. Sensitivity is one of those rare attributes that actually increases as you get older. I love sparring with my students for hours and hours sometimes, the process gets more relaxing once you know what you are doing. As we begin the fight I can move to attack but also quickly pick up on his strikes, clinches or shoots.

This is the highest skill for MMA Stand Up. To have a uniform ability for both Attack and Counter simotaniously exist as you flow in the fight. Countering not only strikes but also clinches and shoots immediately as they are iniated without pause or thought to destroy these grappling attempts before they happen.

– Allen J. Sachetti

Allen J. Sachetti has produced the most MMA fighters in Delaware with the most wins and now he is available for private and group classes at Valor Martial Arts in Middletown, Delaware. This New MMA School has just opened south of the MIddletown Airport on Rt. 896 in the Summit Shopping Center right next store to the Japanese Restaraunt.

Give Mr. Sachetti a call at 302-743-3115 if you are interested in Serious MMA Training.