Delaware’s Best MMA School Announces A New Fighter

Since 1998 Mr. Allen J. Sachetti of Dauntless MMA in Middletown Delaware, has produced the most MMA fighters with the most wins in Delaware. This is easy to see by simply going to his youtube channel and watching fight after fight of winner after winner.

Mr. Sachetti certainly has produced fighters of an exceptional ability for Striking, Wrestling and the Ground but he never really finished teaching a fighter the complete art of Filipino Dumpag. Well that is now changed.

Right now Justin Trujillo and Joshua Sachetti are mastering a very effective and functional MMA system that uses Filipino Dumpag to┬áliterally “attacks the attack”.

So what does this mean, well these fighters are developing a very unique ability to destroy any punch, kick, clinch or shoot that comes at them while at the same time delivering their own attacks efficiently.

The “Destrutctions” of the attacks (as Mr. Sachetti calls them) are very, very effective. Having seen their training first hand against good wrestlers and boxers I can tell you that these techniques work.

They are fluid within the fighters own offense and come out easily and instantly when they spar no matter what their opponent throws. The UFC should really take a look at these guys and what they are doing. Not only does it make for a very entertaining fight but it is really different and works against any opponent.

The first fight for Justin Trujillo should be this summer fighting at Harrahs Casino outside Philadelphia and I will post on this blog as soon as they give us a date.

Watching Team Dauntless train is really something and I cannot wait to see these guys in larger competitions. Not only is their technique superb but their conditioning is AMAZING, the training Mr. Sachetti puts them through is really next level.

Take Care – John Ramses