With over 30 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Dumpag, Wrestling and Pekiti-Tirsia 2nd Degree BJJ Black Belt Allen J. Sachetti begins yet another chapter of providing excellent, in depth instruction by opening a Dauntless Martial Arts location at 13 Prestbury Square, Newark Delaware 19713.

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Sensei Allen J. Sachetti is certified by Rickson Gracie, Royler Gracie and Luiz Palhares. In addition he has trained with Renato Migliaccio and more recently with the legendary Marcello Garcia. He has won countless BJJ, Grappling and NHB Tournaments, not to mention also the 1998 World Submission Stick Fighting Championship.

Mrs. Maribeth Sachetti the FIRST Filipina Lady to earn a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is also certified by  Rickson Gracie and Luiz Palhares and being a trim 115 lbs she has really developed quite a refined game of BJJ sensitivity and technique.

Continuing with the Sachetti Family Joshua Sachetti now at 20 is a 2nd Stripe Purple Belt who has been distinguishing himself at NAGA, Grapplers Quest and numerous other BJJ & Grappling Tournaments around the country. While training at Marcelo Garcia’s in NYC it was remarked that his skill level certainly seemed much greater than his years.

Young Caleb Sachetti at 13 is a Orange Belt 4 Stripes and he too has been active in competition. Having someone with the skill level that his mother has to roll with has definitely been a tremendous asset to his development. His skill level and particular precision in the execution of technique are a tremendous value for other kids in the Dauntless BJJ Kids Class.

Dauntless however is not just limited to BJJ. Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti Is equally skilled in Striking with an in depth Boxing, Muay Thai and Dumpag background. His stand up grappling too is AMAZING as he combines the best of Grecco Roman, Free Style Wrestling, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Dumpag in his unique MMA curriculums.

For MMA Dauntless offers a very comprehensive and refined training regiment with 2 different courses: MMA TOTAL STRIKE and MMA CLINCH & GROUND.

The problem with MMA Fighters who come from a traditional Boxing or Muay Thai school is their terrible lack of base. If they have trained traditionally their legs are much closer together and their knees are not bent enough. That being said it is very difficult for them to make the proper transition to MMA and often get taken off their feet very easily,

The solution to this is the Dauntless MMA Total Strike Course. Imagine first an Amazing Base and Unique Footwork that makes it impossible for even a World Class Wrestler to take you down. Mr. Sachetti achieves this not only by developing your base but also his unique skimming movement together with a proper, reactive “Range & Timing” ability to shut down the wrestlers shoots & clinches at 3 different points in time. Then you learn how to Strike from this position instead of the traditional Boxing or Kick Boxing stances.

True Striking excellence begins first with being able to REMAIN ON YOUR FEET, to then next not only to be able to hit your opponent directly but also by what Mr. Sachetti calls INDIRECTLY. Indirect Striking is achieved by having a proper Counter Offense Ability to “Make Your Opponent Miss” or “Attack His Attack” and then follow up with strikes of your own.

With Direct Striking it is important too to know how to deliver series of strikes that better enable the Knock Out, but while you are pursuing this knock out you cannot become unaware of your opponents attacks. In here there is much rich opportunity to end the fight spectacularly.

So Dauntless MMA & BJJ is now in Newark Delaware across from Vince’s Sports Center right off Rt. 4 in front of the Coopers Apartments. The physical address is Dauntless Martial Arts 13 Prestbury Square, Newark DE. 19713. Give them a call at 302-743-3115 to try a free lesson any time. www.fightdrive.com