Dauntless Martial Arts Now Offers MMA Total Strike

It is said often by UFC commentators that it is much easier to teach a Wrestler striking then to teach a Striker wrestling. This is because for many years Boxers, Thai Boxers and traditional Kick Boxers learn to strike WITHOUT base.

They ingrain in themselves a narrow, high stance that is absolutely HORRIBLE for MMA. What is even worse is that they also ingrain themselves to strike ONLY from that stance. So even if they start learning a good base now they always will revert back to their “boxing type base” once they throw a few strikes.

The only way you can keep an MMA Fighter up on his feet is for him to have a proper BASE and movement coordinated with his striking. Otherwise when the fighter strikes or slips he will revert to the more narrow, straight legged stance and give opportunities to the grappler.

Dauntless MMA has created the solution for this problem. It is in a course we call MMA Total Strike that starts with BAMRAT (Base & Movement, Range & Timing). You cannot get into base after a wrestler shoots, you must be in it to begin with and able to move FAST and WELL as you are in it.

Then we build on top of that the most effective Boxing, Muay Thai and Dumpag direct and indirect attacks. Speed, Timing, Power, Accuracy and Precision are our focus in fluid combinations designed to PUT AWAY your opponent.

Beyond Offense the Dauntless MMA Total Strike also develops a very unique Counter Offense ability that literally “attacks the attack” of incoming strikes, shoots and clinches to completely disable them. This unusual but effective way of fighting gives our fighters a real advantage in MMA and it will help you too.

Dauntless Martial Arts is now at 13 Prestbury Square, Newark Delaware 19713. That’s right across from Vince’s Sports Center on Rt. 4 in front of the Cooper’s Apartments. Come try a free class on Mon or Weds mornings at 12:00 pm or nights at 8:00 PM. Call 302-743-3115