Josh “The Filipino Fury” Sachetti Wins His MMA Fight Debut At 150 lbs By Submission At 1:15 In The 1st Round

Long time Dauntless MMA student Josh Sachetti competed with his father and mother at his side at the XCC in Philadelphia PA on Saturday 02/19/16.

Josh Sachetti has been taught Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Dumpag, Boxing and Muay Thai by his father and Dauntless MMA Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti and his mother Maribeth Sachetti since he was 3 years old.

His parents stood extremely honored as Josh won his debut MMA fight at 1:15 in the 1st round with a Rolling RSL (Reverse Shoulder Lock). The fight started with his opponent Damion Gilleo (of Primal MMA NJ) taking a kind of cheap shot off the glove touch but Josh then took it to him with a sharp clinch and take down leading into a mount and armlock attempt.

Damion resisted hardcore with a lot of brute force until he was able to get his elbow passed the breaking point. Then he stood up to avoid the guard. Josh came up in base and went right after him with a good Jab – Cross – Hook to again immediately initiate another take down.

From here Gilleo attempted a Guilotine but Josh escaped and passed the guard to mount and begin setting up the RSL (Reverse Shoulder Lock). He then rolled to tighten and come up and around to solidify the Shoulder Lock and win by submission.

For his first fight Josh Sachetti demonstrated a lot of heart and EXTREME skill with some of the cleanest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seen that night. It was an exciting fight and Josh should get submission of the night. Take a look below: