The Best MMA & BJJ Gym In Delaware

When you go to a MMA or BJJ School you want to LEARN. To improve yourself and develop a REAL SKILL LEVEL, right? Not be used by some selfish teacher who is still trying to learn himself or be treated like an outcast as the teacher spends all of his time only with his select few friends he treats like his inner circle.

You need a teacher that will come and MEET you at your level. Then take the TIME to explain, in depth material and intricate principles with PATIENCE until you are able to feel them yourself. This not only makes your foundational skills excellent but also enables your advanced abilities to reach the very highest level.

Teaching BJJ itself is much more than just the moves and positions. It is also the very specific ENERGY within the moves and positions that you must be able to apply correctly. This is the part of BJJ that is “unseen”. Everyone who looks at a move or even attempts to practice moves with someone without having a proper teacher who knows this energy is wasting their time. They will develop some idea of the move but it really will be hollow and not work very well at all on good people or bigger more challenging people.

This truth exists not only in BJJ but also in Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai and Dumpag. There is always what you THINK you SEE and then what you FEEL inside the move or technique that you cannot see  that makes one a true master or not.

At Dauntless MMA in Newark Delaware the Sachetti family of Instructors take their TIME to make sure you get this level of quality in your learning experience. If you are a beginner you are not used as cannon fodder but taught with the equal detail a professional fighter would get.

Then when you are ready to advance we take you much further into higher level material always increasing your ability to read and react to your opponents energy. We focus on your PRECISION for all moves and techniques so that you are able to execute flawlessly at the moment of the attack.

Whether it be our MMA Total Strike Class, the MMA Clinch & Ground Class or the BJJ Classes we offer you will always be getting a much deeper knowledge and greater understanding of the material. Our goal is not to just give you a membership for bags and mat space but for the absolute best quality instruction in Delaware.

So that all of your skills in Punching, Kicking, Elbowing and Kneeing is exceptional in Direct, Indirect and Redirected attacks. Direct attacks are just like it sounds, Indirect Attacks are when you make your opponent miss to strike back while he is extended and Redirected Attacks are when you can fake and faint your opponent to one direction while you hit him from another.

At Dauntless MMA your striking ability will be much more than just hitting pads. We will teach you how to stay on your feet, out maneuver your opponent, strike where he does not expect, counter his incoming attacks, set up high percentage knock out combinations and generally out perform your opponent with multiple facets to your striking game that he simply cannot keep up with.

In the Clinch we will enable you to shut down and destroy the most seasoned World Class Wrestling attacks as you create space to set up your own grips and takedowns or deliver devastating compression strikes. From here we go beyond too with standing submissions and flying submissions.

On the Ground Dauntless MMA will give you a superior ability!! On the bottom you will learn how to “not get hit” and escape bad bottom positions, how to seize your opponent in the guard and deliver a truly effective MMA Guard Bottom game. On the top you will learn how to destroy the Guard and 1/2 Guard to escape and control top positions with a ferocious ground and pound leading into the highest percentage submission for each position.

That is Dauntless MMA at 13 Prestbury Square, Newark DE. 19702. So if you are NOT looking for average, then come to Dauntless. No matter who you are or what your current fitness level is you will be treated like a perspective Champion with real dedication and patient instruction until YOU ARE!!

Call us to try a free lesson at 302-743-3115