Become An MMA Striker That Cannot Be Taken Down

MMA Striking is NOT like Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing or any other Striking Sport because MMA allows all WRESTLING.
That being said if you go to a traditional Boxing, Muay Thai or other Kickboxing type of school to try and learn Striking that you can apply in MMA you are in fact doing yourself a great disservice AND I WILL TELL YOU WHY.
For MMA you first and foremost must have BASE and then a MOVEMENT that allows you to execute all of the liner, lateral, angular and circular motions WITHOUT coming out of Base.
If you go to a traditional Boxing, Muay Thai or Kickboxing program for MMA you will NOT get this, but to the contrary you will have a much more narrow and straighter legged stance ENGRAINED into you and you will revert to this every time you try to strike. It will become second nature for you to COME OUT OF BASE just before you strike.
So if your opponent slips, counters or takes your strike at the moment you strike HE WILL BE IN ON YOU in either a clinch or a shoot WITHOUT YOU HAVING BASE.
I have seen this time and time and time again in MMA and it is the downfall to many good strikers. In fact I just watched it last night with Holly Holm. She lost the Title for this very, very bad habit.
At Dauntless we have a course called MMA Total Strike which develops first the STRENGTH in your legs to stay in FULL BASE throughout the fight and be able to execute all the MOVEMENT you need to evade or attack your opponent. Linear, Lateral, Angular, Circular, Weaving In, Weaving Out, Slipping, Ducking and more are all developed. PLUS you learn how to strike with Speed, Timing, Power, Accuracy and Precision FROM THIS BASE.
Don’t let any Boxer tell you that this cannot be done, or that you cannot be as fast from this kind of base. OF COURSE YOU CAN, it is only that THEY DON’T KNOW IT and they don’t know how to teach it!! All of their life has been spent teaching boxing a certain way and they are not able to do it any other way.
MMA Total Strike is the creation of Allen J. Sachetti and IT WORKS!! You can deliver POWERFUL Direct and Indirect Striking Combinations while at the same time having quick, slick movement to slip, evade, move laterally or execute your own shoots and clinches.
You are able to do all this PLUS have an amazing base that can STOP EVEN A WORLD CLASS WRESTLER. Come see for yourself on Monday and Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM and you will hit will better Speed, Power and Precision as you execute fast, sharp movement from an indomitable base that is STRONG.