What Makes The Best MMA School?

There are so called MMA Schools that may advertise the term but they are not really concerned about producing genuine MMA fighters, nor do they have the ability to do so. They know that most of the population will not be willing to do the work required to truly become a successful MMA fighter. So while these schools may advertise the name, they do not really provide a viable curriculum to produce the skill level and conditioning required to compete in MMA.

Then there are some schools again who advertise MMA but they only exist for the teacher to have a place for him to indulge his hobby. He may have had some limited amateur or even minor pro experience but for him is not really about producing quality MMA fighters. It is just about him being able to do what he wants to do.

There also are legitimate BJJ, Boxing or Kick Boxing schools that too will advertise the term MMA, but they are more focused solely on their sport and that is really all they know. A pure BJJ school of course will focus on the rules of that game, just as a pure boxing school will focus on the rules of their game. Training in these disciplines can produce skills in their specific areas but they also can leave significant holes in areas that the rules of these sports outlaw.

For example most Boxers have a terrible base because there are NO TAKEDOWNS allowed and most BJJ masters do not have experience for dealing with strikers in the right way because there are NO STRIKES allowed. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out and you can see these holes exploited often In the UFC, Bellator or any other MMA Competition.

The simple fact is that “every Martial Art is great as per the perception of the designer”. A Boxing coach teaches Boxing that has evolved within the rules of that sport, a wrestling coach the same and a BJJ teacher the same. Yet MMA is not boxing, not wrestling and not BJJ. So what makes it different and what is the best way for YOU TO ACTUALLY BECOME AN MMA FIGHTER WHO COULD REACH THE UFC.

The answer to this question has been the life’s work of Allen J. Sachetti the Chief Instructor of Dauntless MMA. He earned his 2nd Degree Black Belt in BJJ with certifications from Rickson Gracie, Royler Gracie and Luiz Palhares. He earned the rank of Mandala in the Filipino Art of Pekiti-Tirsia Dumpag. He trained avidly in Boxing, Muay Thai, Silat, Greco Roman & Free Style Wrestling and competed very successfully at the highest level of NHB (No Holds Barred) Fighting in the early years before the term MMA was ever used as well as competing in “Full Contact Submission Stick Fighting” matches.

All of this certainly helped Mr. Sachetti rise in Instinct, Skill Level and Conditioning to perform at a very high level, but much more than this it was his singular mindset to the sport of MMA that enabled him to develop perhaps a whole new martial art in the Dauntless MMA Curriculum.

The Dauntless MMA Curriculum is divided into 2 Courses of study. The MMA Total Strike  Course and MMA Clinch & Ground Course. As well Mr. Sachetti offers an intense BJJ Curriculum for both beginners and advancing students (BJJ Foundations & BJJ Precision). His rationale being here is that fighters who do not learn pure BJJ with the Gi on, come up with a much looser sloppier game, but fighters who train In BJJ with the Gi on along side of their MMA training develop much sounder, stronger skills. This is proven clearly by anyone (including this author) who has trained in BJJ with a Gi. Your performance is just so much better than those who trained in grappling without ever wearing a Gi.

For Striking Mr. Sachetti offers a course called “MMA Total Strike” where he has been able to create training methods that first develop in a fighter a tremendous base, a base good enough to stop even a world class wrestler. What I mean by this is that Mr. Sachetti’s fighters not only have a very sound base but they are also skilled in the reading and reacting to the wrestlers energy to implement what he calls “Anti-Wrestling” immediately to literally destroys all shoots and clinches at their source.

Once this Base is enabled, next he gives the fighter a very unique and superior movement called “Skimming” where strikers can execute all of the slipping, weaving, linear, lateral and angular movement they need to make their opponents miss and hit them back while they are still extended.

From there Mr. Sachetti builds within you a very strong Striking Mechanics for Punches, Kicks, Knees and Elbows. Speed, Timing, Power, Accuracy & Precision are the order of the day as your refine your Striking Skills to nothing less than excellent . Next his striking strategies go beyond Direct attacks into Indirect and Redirected attacks allowing his fighters to hit both offensively and counter offensively as needed. Soon your find yourself delivering combinations that manipulate your opponent to create opportunities for the Knock Out or to win with an overwhelming Volume of strikes.

The Dauntless MMA Clinch & Ground Course starts with “Clinchwork” enabling you with the ability to adhere to your opponents so tightly they have little chance for counter. Here Mr. Sachetti also teaches you how to dominate in your shoots and clinches by reading and flowing with  your opponent’s energy properly to execute very clean throws and takedowns. This however is only the beginning. From here Mr. Sachetti takes you into Compression Strikes, Anti-Wrestling, Standing Submissions and even Flying Submissions.

On the Ground Mr. Sachetti excels at both the Top and the Bottom game. For the Bottom he teaches you first his unique MMA Guard which is a seizing guard that aggressively attacks the opponent with adhesion, attrition, strikes and manipulations. Next he adds you an arsenal of submissions, reversals and come outs that are all based on the ENERGY that the opponent gives at that moment in time. He covers extensively too how to counter submissions and escape bad bottom positions by developing in you a truly advanced reading and reacting ability to apply energy correctly to escape bad positions sharply without taking damage.

For the Top Mr. Sachetti will teach you his patented “Guard Destruction”, of which I shit you not is quite aptly named. He has a completely different way of fighting within the Guard that literally DESTROYS all Guard and Half Guard games with a Skill that really has not been seen before. Then He will teach you how to pass the Guard to dominate from Cross Body Top, Mount Top, Turtle Top or by taking the Back.

So when you come to Dauntless MMA in Newark, Delaware you see immediately that this is NO WAY NEAR a commercial school. The curriculum and material that exists here was the product of an incredible soul searching journey to only produce what is best for the fighter. It is safe to say that Allen J. Sachetti is the best kept secret in MMA today and one day his fighters will certainly be winning BELTS in both the UFC and Bellator.

Check out below one of his recent fighters competing with UFC Ref Keith Peterson reffing the fight at the XCC in Phila. PA just last February, Beyond that you can see a long list of his fighters WINNING at numerous MMA events, even in Virginia where amateurs fight with full sanction rules at www.delawaremma.com

If you are serious to one day become an MMA Fighter in the UFC I would highly recommend you get the unparalleled skills that Mr. Sachetti is giving at Dauntless MMA, 13 Prestbury Square Newark DE. 19713. He is also a very nice guy and easy to talk to, call him at 302-743-3115.

– Robert Danzie