No Father Was Ever More Honored

This blog has primarily been used to expand on the practices and performances of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts but today I have to speak about my sons.

There are many parents who can sometimes seem to endlessly praise their children with grandiose claims that in fact exceed the reality of their child’s performance. I have certainly seen examples of baseless praise for mere participation from overacting mothers who were doing their best to convince you of their child’s magnificence.

That being said anyone who knows me certainly could not ever accuse me of that behavior with either of my sons. I was always determined in my life that if ever I was to praise my children that would be merited and not done just to try and make them feel good.

To this point I can honestly say that “No Father Could Ever Be More Honored By His Sons”. First I must say that my eldest son Joshua has embarked on a Professional MMA Career and to so he has avoided many of the so called traditional trappings of young persons today to FOCUS on his training. He begins each day with a flesh burning, grueling Strength & Conditioning Work Out that remains constant for 3 HOURS. He does this 4 days a week and then Trains at Team Dauntless with me in MMA Stand Up, Clinchwork and Ground. After which he works his duties at Dauntless with an amazing attitude of SERVICE for all of our clients.

Josh Sitting For Armlock

Each week this summer I have seen him apply himself to this regiment and each Friday I have seen him collapse from utter exhaustion to take a serious day off to rest and recoup. Yet this last Friday on top of all this I also saw him come to Marcelo Garcia’s BJJ Academy in NYC with me.

Now to know what this means you have to understand that Marcelo Garcia’s BJJ Academy is perhaps one of if not the TOP BJJ Training Center of our time. The concentration of Skill Level, technical excellence and gut wrenching conditioning is not something I have seen any where else.

So we entered last Friday and my son proceeded to do the first 2 classes of the Morning and the Afternoon. His competition was excellent to say the least yet he performed well. Then he got the privilege to roll with Marcelo himself for 6 minutes, which by the way they have to really invent a new belt for Marcelo Garcia he is a whole other level.


After these 2 classes my son was exhausted (I know I was) and spent beyond any prior experience. Yet after a quick lunch he decided to return for the EVENING CLASSES for which he did 3 back to back classes. I noticed not only Joshua’s cardio improve but also his sensitivity and application of energy. He was more precise, more patient and all around more excellent in the execution of his moves. He rolled with opponent after opponent after opponent without any hesitation or break and he did on PURE DRIVE & RESOLVE. What a man my son had become.

At the end of the night I asked him how he felt and he replied “Dad you have to love this so much you hate it”. Something we heard from Nate Diaz.

Now let me tell you about my son Caleb. He is only 13 and the most diligent student. He has taken on a larger academic load in school doing all AP courses as well as being invited to the Math League now 4 years in a row. He works hard in school but he too has chosen to work hard and WELL at his BJJ.


Every Tuesday and Thursday he is there at only 80lbs doing the ADULT CLASS. He is really focused on his moves trying to make each step completely correct. Patience and Precision are his best friends when he rolls. He is not over aggressive but much more methodical, all though I have seen him break bad when he has to.


His heart and toughness are amazing but there in fact surpassed by his focus and application of energy in his technique. He really wants this and he wants to do it right. I have been watching him wrestle now for quite some time and he wants to work hard so one day he too can come to Marcelo Garcia’s Academy with his Dad and Brother.

We are also very blessed to have as my main sponsor of Dauntless Professor Luiz Palhares and his son Pedro Palhares. Luiz lives farther away in Florida but we still have him and his son come in as often as we can.

When I roll with Luiz immediately I realize the depth of his energy. He reads everything that I am doing to apply his own energy back exactly as it should be. Plus Luiz has always continued to teach me the unique BJJ material of my first teacher Rickson Gracie. Rickson has been and always will be a big part of my BJJ life.

Merciful Heavenly Father In The Name Of Thy Son Jesus Christ THANK YOU for the amazing wife and sons that you have given and the teachers you have sent my way to enable me my skill level in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Amen