MMA Team Try Outs – No Weasels Or Whimps Need Apply

Dauntless MMA Gym in Newark Delaware is looking for young men ages 18-24 who can commit to a serious 12 month regiment of training Monday to Thursday nights 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM and attend MMA sparring sessions on Saturdays from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Dauntless Gym Lime

Those who can maintain this regiment with sincere resolve will be developing amazing Skills and Conditioning for Movement, Striking, Shooting, Clinching and Counter Offense in the MMA Stand Up. Plus Adhesion, Counter Adhesion, Take Downs, Compression Strikes and Submissions in the MMA Clinch.

All of these Skills will be rounded down with the most impressive MMA Ground Game on the planet to enable Guard Destruction & Passing, Position Control, Ground & Pound and Submission in the MMA Ground Top and Framing, Prevention, Difusing & Escaping for the MMA Ground Bottom game.

AT THE COMPLETION OF THE 12 MONTHS or as soon as you are ready we would like to begin arranging  Amateur MMA Fights for you at some very special promotions in Philadelphia.

If you have the ability to DEDICATE yourself to training without crying, complaining or making excuses and you WANT to fight MMA we are waiting for you.

CALL 302-743-3115 if you are for REAL!!

8-12 Months Training

Begin Amateur Fights At Reputable Event

Develop A Record Of 7 or more Amateur Wins of significant peformance

Begin Pro Fighting

Develop Winning Record

Begin Marketing And Management For UFC.

Dauntless MMA Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti has an amazing depth of skills in Striking, Counter Offense Stand Up Grappling, and Ground Grappling. Beyond his expertise in Striking, Wrestling and BJJ he also has developed from Pekitit-Tirsia Dumpag uniquely effective material that really gives his fighters a serious advantage.

Josh Knee Bar Russel LongIf you have the heart and drive to seriously pursue your very best, then give this man a call. Right now he has a very good relationship with several promotions in Philadelphia that are regularly attended by UFC people. HE WILL BUILD FUTURE CHAMPIONS, the only question is, WILL YOU BE ONE OF THEM.