How Can You Win With Striking In MMA?

The following are some of the Foundational MMA Striking Principles taught by the Dauntless MMA Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti in Newark, Delaware.

#1 – Don’t Strike with you head straight up and chin exposed. Always Shoulder Tuck when you are Offensively Striking. There are so many examples of MMA Fighters loosing because they lack this very BASIC fundamental in their striking.

A recent example would be the Dustin Poirier Vs Michael Johnson UFC Fight. Dustin came in Striking very aggressively BUT SLOPPY, he left his Head Straight Up and shoulders down  and got KNOCKED OUT easily.  When you hit people they will HIT YOU BACK!! You can fight men who are bigger, stronger and more rugged if you master this ability.

MMA Striking Jab

The Dauntless MMA Jab Is Devastating

#2 – Don’t drop your Punches to your waist after you strike but come right back to your high guard. If you were clearing a house with a Pistol would you keep it up on target as you moved or drop it down to your waist? Of course not. This is especially important in very close quarters exchanges.

By using the High Guard to fire your punches  & elbows from there you are “quicker to the target”  and by always returning your hands back to this Guard once you have struck you also enable your “Counter Offense” ability to be present.


#3 – Slipping & Fighting With Your Hands Down – This technique certainly has it’s place in MMA Fighting but it requires a heightened, developed sense to feel your opponent’s intentions before he executes them.

You can use this Technique to make your opponent feel he can hit you to then draw him in and make him miss as you fire back when he is extended BUT be careful if you use it too much it too can become read and countered. Look at Anderson Silva getting knocked out by Chris Weidman. So this Technique should be balanced along with your High Guard and Counter Offense ability.

MMA Slipping Of Strikes

Josh Slips & Hits In Live MMA

#4 – Strike from a relaxed state to accurately hit your target and HIT THREW YOUR TARGET WITH POWER. Whichever style you adopt do NOT bench press your strikes. POWER comes more from cracking the whip than forcing your blows.

Because MMA allows Grappling your Striking can be interrupted at any moment with a Tight Clinch or Low Shoot on your legs. That is why when you do connect you want to make sure there is some return for the investment.

Dauntless MMA Flying Knee

Dauntless MMA Flying Knee

#5 – Learn how to also use VOLUME. Power is great but Sharp, Accurate, Repetitive Strikes can also overwhelm an opponent with VOLUME. Sometimes there are men who simply more durable than you. They can take more so you have to GIVE THEM MORE!!

This of course will make the next section in the list very important to you. Because if you cannot prevent the Clinch or Shoot it becomes very difficult for you to maintain any kind of consistent volume on your opponent.

#6 – Understand Anti-Wrestling – OK, this is my term but before you judge it come and see exactly what it is. You see I have aggressively run several MMA schools for the last 30 years and being in the North Eastern United States it was “Wrestling Central”. I have had numerous 2 Time All Americans and other very accomplished Wrestlers come in an out of my place for years. In addition I have been grappling and MMA fighting with them competitively for over 30 years, even to the point of wearing out some of my joints to need a metal replacement.

That being said “Anti-Wrestling” is vast but in MMA you particularly need to be able to deal with the World Class Wrestlers “Clinch and Shoot”. When you have a master Greco Romanist applying a Clinch so tight it feels like a skin graft you may begin to understand that you cannot try to run away or lift up and push on his face. NO you must apply a “Direct Counter Energy” through your body at his bodies exact “Point Of Contact” where he is applying energy to you.

It is the same in the low shoot. Every Wrestler has a point of contact where he drives and transfers energy to try and get you down. It is only by meeting him at this point and applying my own correct courter energy that I can destroy his intentions and turn the move against him to capitalize in my favor by reversing him or creating space to free myself.

This is crucial. In MMA you must expect the best, most world class Clinches and Shoots because Wrestling is a big part of all Gyms now.

MMA Clinch Fighting

Dauntless MMA Clinch

#7 – NEVER STRIKE OUT OF BASE – this really is part of #6 but it is important to note that you cannot train in a traditional Boxing or Thai Boxing way and then expect to win at MMA. That is because their base sucks.

You have to learn all of your movement and striking from a proper MMA Base. You cannot get into Base after someone Shoots on your legs, you must already BE IN BASE before he Shoots. This is not hard to learn but it takes an appropriate amount of time to develop.

#8 – USE THE JAB!! Probably one of the most neglected things in MMA but the Jab can interrupt,  break timing, set up your power and  really DICTATE THE FIGHT. There are several kinds of Jabs but at Dauntless MMA we make very good use of the “Lancing Jab” and the “Snapping Jab”. Both are very useful for wearing down the opponent and messing up all of his attempts to get things going on you. A good example of this was the Nate Diaz Vs Michael Johnson fight in the UFC.

Look how Nate used his Jab to really dictate the fight to Johnson. He messed up his timing, constantly interrupted him and really out classed him. Johnson was a younger, faster striker too, but Nate made him look inferior.

#9 – COORDINATE ELBOWS – too many people today see the Elbow as an independent blow or they understand it only from a Muay Thai perspective alone. They throw it wider from a farther range as a singular strike.

Well having a tremendous Filipino Dumpag background I know a lot more about Elbows than that. They can be thrown much more powerfully and at a greater rate of succession if you know what your are doing. At Dauntless MMA we link our Elbow Strikes fluidly in and out of Punching Combinations and we deliver a lot more DAMAGE with them.

#10 – UNDERSTAND COUNTER OFFENSE – This is really the most unknown area in MMA Today. Counter Offense is not slipping or blocking strikes but instead actually “attacking them”. Christ Weidman was the first that I saw to use a Filipino Destruction in MMA.

Look at the 2nd Anderson Silva Vs Christ Weidman MMA Fight in the UFC. Sliva stepped in to deliver a Rear Round Kick from an Odd Lead and Weidman did not retreat to avoid it but he moved into it to “attack” Silva’s Shin with his Knee and he snapped Silvers Shin IN HALF!! That was what is known as a “Destruction” and it comes from Filipino Dumpag.

Dumpag is my specialty and I have developed a way to enable MMA Fighters to properly work it into their fights. This is something we work uniquely at Dauntless and in future years it will make our Fighters will really Stand Out!!

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