Dauntless BJJ Josh Sachetti Defeats A 302 BJJ Purple Belt Instructor At The NAGA 2017 World Grappling Championships For The Gold Medal !!

Josh Sachetti a 21 year old Purple Belt of Dauntless BJJ In Newark, Delaware fights here against the Purple Belt Instructor of 302 BJJ in Wilmington Delaware (who also happens to be a Penn State Wrestling Champ) at the NAGA 2017 World Grappling Championships 170-179 lb No Gi Division.

This fight really demonstrates a clear technical difference between the Teaching given at Dauntless BJJ vs what is given at 302 BJJ in Delaware. Josh (the Dauntless fighter) is able to instantly, easily COUNTER all of the 302 BJJ Purple Belt’s attacks. For example look how Josh counters the strong Kimurra attack to pass the guard and take cross body. Its almost like Josh is playing with him as he shuts down numerous armlock attempts before they go any where. In fact NAGA scores for submission attempts, yet no points are given for any in the beginning to the 302 BJJ Fighter because the Dauntless BJJ fighter feels their energy before they even happen to counter them before they can even be a threat.

As the fight progresses the 302 BJJ Instructor shouts to his fighter “Penn State All The Way Through” implying his fighter should shoot but the 302 BJJ fighter is simply unable to take down the Dauntless BJJ fighter. This is because of the unique material created by Sensei Allen J. Sachetti (Chief Instructor Of Dauntless BJJ) known as “Anti-Wrestling”. This allows the Dauntless BJJ fighter (Josh Sachetti) to first have an amazing base and then a unique counter movement and energy that shuts down take downs BEFORE they happen!! Watch the video and see for yourself.

Josh (Dauntless BJJ) then takes down the 302 BJJ Instructor where he attempts another amrlock from the guard that again Josh easily counters. The 302 BJJ Coach desperately shouts “you need to aggressive” to his fighter as the Dauntless BJJ fighter again passes the guard of the 302 BJJ fighter to set up a high quality Guilotine Choke that is ultra tight. The 302 BJJ Coach again cries out advice but it really is futile as the Dauntless BJJ fighter increases the constriction of the choke to tap out the 302 BJJ Fighter.

Heres the fight

Here Are The Other 2 Fights Prior To The Final At The NAGA 2017 World Grappling Championships For 170-179 lb Division

And The Second Match, one of the quickest submissions of the day with the RSL !!

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