Getting A Higher BJJ Skill Level

I have been with Mr. Allen J. Sachetti at Dauntless Martial Arts now for over 3 years and the one thing I keep seeing is HIGHER & HIGHER SKILL LEVEL – Mr. Sachetti is in RARE FORM NOW, displaying a higher skill level than I realized was attainable

PLUS not only does he display it but he is helping us all get it too. People who have not seen Mr. S on the bottom because he is damn hard to get down, think he is only a master of the top, but last month he worked nothing but his bottom game and I WAS IMPRESSED!!

His Guard was amazing and his Half Guard was really different, he moves differently and uses it differently than anyone I have seen before. He is always on his side moving me away, covering, recapturing Guard and then moving into submissions I don’t see coming. The other day he did a really funky footlock that came out of the Half Guard but then kind of went underneath the person, it was like nothing I have seen and would make Eddy Bravo applaud.

But The greatest value of Mr. Sachetti is that he is an actual teacher and not a user who just operates a club for him to practice. No he gives us a Structured Course that teaches us fundamental to complex technique A, B, C, D in proper progression leaving nothing out. So no part of our game is lacking. I have not seen better BJJ instruction even in the big name schools. Not only does Mr. Sachetti have the Skill Level but he works hard to give us it.

I am happy he is my instructor, I am Blue Belt 2nd Stripe now really enjoying the journey to Purple Belt. There is another student named Dustin who just got his Purple Belt and he is phenominal!!

Mr. Sachetti offers Fundamental BJJ on Tues & Thrs at 7pm, Advanced BJJ Tues & Thrs at 5pm (great class) and Open Mat BJJ Mon & Weds 5-7PM, Plus Tues & Thrs Mornings 10am all at Dauntless Martial Arts 4446 Summit Bridge Rd. Middletown DE. 19709. That’s just over the Summit bridge on Rt. 896 only 5 mins from Newark, Peoples Plaza.

– Mike Bailey